New Member of the Air Defense Family 'SUNGUR' is Ready


President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir, from his social media account, announced that SUNGUR, which was developed with ROKETSAN's local defense industry stakeholders, is ready to enter the inventory.

President of Defense Industry Dr. İsmail Demir shared, "A surprise force to increase the capabilities of our security forces!" and shared the following information of SUNGUR.

“SUNGUR, a new member of our air defense family developed by Roketsan together with its domestic defense industry stakeholders, is ready to enter the inventory after successful tests!

“The new member of our progressive air defense system will be integrated into land, air and sea platforms with its portable feature. SUNGUR is capable of moving, day and night target detection, diagnosis, identification, tracking and 360-degree shooting. ”

“SUNGUR is a system in front of its class with its effectiveness against air elements and high maneuverability, high target hit ability and countermeasure feature, titanium warhead, sight that allows the target to be viewed from a long range.”

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