Chairman Şahin Examines GAZİRAY Works On-Site


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, together with her technical team, examined the on-site GAZIRAY works on the D-400 Highway, known as the historical Silk Road. Stating that they have come a long way in GAZIRAY, which will carry 100 thousand passengers a day, Mayor Şahin, zamHe said they would order the trams at the moment.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin went to the field with her technical team, especially Latif Karadağ and Erdem Güzelbey, who were among the deputies of the Metropolitan Municipality to see the works in the GAZİRAY project. After meeting with the workers on the D-400 Highway and getting information about the latest situation, President Şahin went to the Kalyon Junction, to the City Hospital location, to the rural neighborhoods of Öğıtkamil and to the ÖMSöğüt and Işıkıklı rural districts.


Making a statement on the subject, Mayor Fatma Şahin pointed out that GAZIRAY is a very important project for the city and said, “We are on the D-400 Highway. We turn the train line in the Organized Industrial Zone, where it will provide access to 100 thousand passengers a day, into a high-speed train. Now we swam and came to his tail. Our last year. We order our trams. After 1 year, we will bring a very modern, comfortable, environmentally friendly transportation to the city, and we will carry our 100 thousand citizens, mainly our workers, to the industrial zone line. We also have a Station Square Collection and Distribution Line. We continue to work on GAZIRAY with light rail and subway. We are in a state of change and transformation regarding the city's infrastructure, superstructure and transportation. Therefore, while D-400 in GAZIRAY took 5 kilometers from the bottom, especially the asphalt on the highway was also very old. It was an asphalt used for years. By contacting the highway, we also started the asphalt renewal work. These are huge jobs. Zamwants the moment. But the team is very strong. We would like to thank especially President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Highways and my colleagues for their efforts. There is great coordination. I hope we will have finished all of these works before schools are opened. "We will have completed GAZIRAY works with clean and new asphalt."


Stating that there are serious road renewal works with GAZIRAY, Mayor Şahin said, “We restructured 16 craft areas such as Karşıyaka Tunnel. We continue to change the pipes with the infrastructure. In addition, we examined our intensive work in the neighborhood of Mücahitler, where the GAZİRAY shift continues. Currently, approximately 15 million lira of large pipes are laid in the infrastructure in this region. The GAZIRAY project has also provided us with the opportunity to renew the city. We want our people to be patient in this process. Because we are making an effort for a project that will make transportation easier. GAZIRAY is the biggest problem of Gaziantep. Huge investments are made. These investments require both serious resources and patience. We also want our people to be patient. "We will leave the D-1 Highway in 400 month and make transportation ready for vehicles with zero asphalt."

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