MKEK Started Mass Production of Local Subsonic Sniper Bullet

A series of R&D projects are being carried out by the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKE) Gazi Fireworks Factory in order to localize ammunition supplied by the Turkish Armed Forces and the General Directorate of Security at high cost from abroad. With the completion of the projects, tens of thousands of ammunition of various types purchased from abroad will be produced by MKE and made available to the security forces.

The serial production process started in the 7,62 mmx51 Subsonic Cartridge Project, one of the R&D projects carried out in the MKE Gazi Cartridge Factory. With the completion of the serial production of the 7,62 mmx51 Subsonic bullet, the original design new product of Gazi Cartridge Factory, our snipers will be able to shoot silently with their MKE brand ammunition in close range shooting.

7,62 mmx51 Subsonic Cartridge Project

In the works carried out within the scope of localization of the 7,62 mmx51 Subsonic Cartridge requested by the Land Forces Command; literature research was made, projectile design was made, necessary tools were produced for projectile production. Subsonic cartridges are preferred due to the fact that they make very little noise during the shooting. Mass production stage of this cartridge, which operates at sub-sound speed in the project, has been reached.


  • Bullet weight: 200 g / 13 g
  • Effective range:> 300 m
  • Initial speed (23,7 m): 310 m / s
  • Distribution (100 m): 40 mm MR

New production line created with domestic and national machines put into service at Gazi Fişek Factory
The opening of the new line was made by the Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar and TAF's video conference method in Matis 2020.

Turkey's only state-owned enterprise engaged in the production of small arms ammunition with Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation, cartridges of various calibers and types of Gazi Fireworks Factory produces from 5,56 mm to 40 mm NATO standards.

Bakar Akar said, “It is planned to increase the production capacity three times with the line to be established. Thanks to the new line where 7.62 mm x 39 cartridges, 7.62mm x 51 NATO cartridges, 7.62 and 5.56 mm Shirred Maneuver cartridges will be produced, the internal and external demands will be met more easily and higher quality production will be realized.

Thanks to the project that will eliminate the foreign dependency in the cartridge, MKEK's aim is to increase its competitiveness.

With this project, MKEK, which has acquired a structure that can transfer not only the manufacturer but also the production technology, has also eliminated the foreign dependency for both product and cartridge production benches with this investment. ”

Source: defanceturk

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