Important Alerts for Vacation Trips from Michelin

important warnings for holiday trips Source: Hibya News Agency

After the pandemic, in parallel with the normalization steps, there is an increase in trips and returns to the holiday, while Michelin, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, continues to give drivers very important advice for safe travel.

Michelin, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, continues to advise drivers for safe travel. After the pandemic, parallel to controlled normalization steps, while there is an increase in trips and returns to the holiday, Michelin points out that the risk of accidents may increase due to the increase in air temperatures and tire wear.

Warns about life-saving advice that drivers need to know for a safe journey, Michelin points out that tires can be used up to 1,6 mm, which is the legal limit in tread depth, and that the tires should be replaced when it is below this measure. In addition, with the right tire selection zamIt is possible to minimize the damage to nature thanks to the fact that it is not changed immediately.

Here are the warnings worth gold from Michelin;

  • Checks should be done regularly: Regular tire maintenance significantly reduces the risk of accidents. All tires, including spare tires, should be checked at least once before setting off on a long journey ... Checking the tires especially before long journeys helps prevent possible problems and ensure safe travel conditions.
  • Cuts, cracks and abrasions are visible: It is possible for drivers to identify problems that can reduce the performance of the tires. Deformations such as cuts, cracks and uneven wear can be detected by the control of the drivers. By checking the signs of wear by eye, by hand, by a dental meter zaman zamIt is possible to detect it by measuring at different points of the tire. When spots that are cut, flattened or bubble are detected, the tire needs to be replaced.
  • Legal wear limit on tire 1.6 mm: If any wear or wear difference is detected between the two tires, the vehicle must be taken directly to a tire specialist, and the tire must be replaced if the degree of wear exceeds the legal limit of 1.6 mm.
  • The right tire pressure reduces fuel consumption: Besides safe travel, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption thanks to periodic maintenance and correct tire pressure. Thanks to the correct air pressure, it ensures that the road holding is healthy and helps to increase the mileage of the tires. A tire pressure that is lower or higher than it should be has an adverse effect on the car's handling, tire performance and durability. For the correct air pressure, it is the healthiest way to base the values ​​in the vehicle's manual. In order to measure the pressure level in a healthy way, it is also beneficial for the tire to be cold (less than three kilometers covered).

Source: Hibya News Agency

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