Meteksan Signature in the Republic of Korea Wound Defense Simulator

Meteksan Defense's projects zamThe instant delivery, the quality of its products and the satisfaction created by the after-sales support activities continue to bear new fruits. Meteksan Defense will provide design and consultancy support for the new Wound Defense Simulator of the Republic of Korea.

Meteksan Defense, which has the most up-to-date and modern solution in its field with the Wound Defense Simulator solution developed for the needs of the navy, added the Republic of Korea to the customers of this simulator with the contract signed in 2017. Following the first Wound Defense Simulator completed in 2019 with a firm based in the Republic of Korea, the second Wound Defense Simulator project was launched as part of the need of the Naval Forces Command of the Republic of Korea. Meteksan Defense signed a design and consultancy contract for the simulator to be built in the Republic of Korea.

The main purpose of the Wound Defense is to ensure the ability to move to the nearest maintenance / repair port by continuing to provide mobility in the event of damage to the ship. For this purpose; The damage should be taken under control and removed as soon as possible. In order to achieve this, the ship's personnel must receive wound defense training in accordance with the desired standards, and this training is carried out in a realistic training environment called Wound Defense Simulator in the world.

Wound Defense Simulator designed by Meteksan Defense and produced and offered for turnkey use; provides a training environment for the ship's crew in preparation for wound defense, in line with international and maritime standards. The naval forces of 4 different countries in the world have preferred Meteksan Defense for their Wound Defense Simulator needs. This led Meteksan Defense to a leading position in the world in the field of Wound Defense Simulator. The fact that Meteksan Defense has won all the tenders open to international participation in the field of Wound Defense Simulators worldwide proves its leadership position.

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