Quality Award to JD Power's Hyundai Tucson and Veloster

jd powerdan hyundai tucson and velostera quality award
jd powerdan hyundai tucson and velostera quality award

In the study of the American JD Power Quality Report (Hyundai), Hyundai once again proved its durability and durability in its products by outperforming its deep-rooted competitors. A total of 87.282 vehicles purchased between February and May this year were explored based on their first 90-day use. Based on interviews with vehicle owners and detailed reviews on vehicles, Hyundai models dominated the top three in their segments. Extremely popular in the European market as well as in America, Tucson and Veloster were ranked first in their class. Accent and Elantra achieved second place in the sedan segments. Renewed recently, Santa Fe was the third smoothest vehicle in the D-SUV segment.

The report, which facilitates the elimination of the detected problems and also enables the production of future models with higher quality, consists of 223 different questions. The report includes only models produced in 2020, while nine vehicle categories were discussed. In questions and reviews asked to users, infotainment systems, comfort equipment, seats, main controls-buttons, multimedia screens, ventilation systems, active driving assistants, general driving characteristics and engines are investigated to the finest detail.

JD Power is an independent and global organization in the field of consumer opinions, consulting services, data and analytics. JD Power, which plays a very active role in customer satisfaction and vehicle purchasing processes, was founded in 1968. Apart from America, JD Power also has regional branches serving Asia Pacific and Europe.

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