Spice Bazaar, one of the oldest covered bazaars in Istanbul

Spice Bazaar is located in Eminönü, behind the New Mosque and next to the Flower Market. It is one of the oldest covered bazaars of Istanbul. In this bazaar famous for its transfers, still natural products such as natural medicines, spices, flower seeds, rare plant roots and shells, as well as; nuts, delicatessen products and various foodstuffs are sold. Spice Bazaar is also open on Sundays.


Byzantium zamIt is rumored that a bazaar called Makro Envalos was located in the same place. The current building was built by Turhan Sultan in 1660 by the chief architect of Hassa, Kâzım Ağa. The bazaar, which was previously known as Yeni Çarşı or Vâlide Çarşısı and built with taxes collected from Egypt according to a rumor, started to be known as it is known today after the 18th century. It survived two major fire hazards in 1691 and 1940. The bazaar was finally restored by the Istanbul Municipality between 1940-1943.


Located next to the Yeni Mosque, the L-shaped building has six doors. One of them is Haseki Gate. The part above this is two floors and the upper floor zamThe problems of the tradesmen and the public were solved immediately.

What's in the Spice Bazaar? 

There are spice shops, shops selling aromatic, vegetable and essential oils, dry eaters, jewelers, and tourist shops in the Spice Bazaar.

Authentic looking colorful glass chandeliers, pompom palace slippers, embroidered touristic and folkloric clothes, silver jewelery, ceramics, tile plates, tribes, cups, hookahs, weavings, ornate living room pillows, carpets and saddles in the Egyptian Bazaar, which is a very large area. You can find many things including.

In addition, you can find lime, ginger, licorice, chamomile, sage, cinnamon and apple peel blended herbal teas, rare oils, dried herbs, flowers, roots, shells.

How to go to the Spice Bazaar? 

Address: Rustem Pasha neighborhood Spice Bazaar No: 92 Eminönü - Fatih / Istanbul / Turkey

Tram: You can use the Bağcılar-Kabataş tram line to reach the Spice Bazaar, which is right next to the Flower Market in Eminönü, after getting off at the Eminönü stop, you can go on foot.

Steamboat: You can reach Eminönü by using ferries and boats departing from Üsküdar, Kadıköy and Bostancı.

Bus: 37 E Yıldıztabya-Eminönü, EM 1 and EM 2 Eminönü-Kulaksız, 38 E Gaziosmanpaşa Public Hospital-Eminönü, 36 KE Karadeniz Mahallesi-Eminönü line numbered IETT buses to reach the Spice Bazaar.

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