Istanbul Governor Announces Measures Taken for Opening of Hagia Sophia Mosque

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya announced the measures taken to open the Hagia Sophia Mosque for worship on Friday, July 24 at a press conference. Governor Yerlikaya said, “We know that the greatest desire of all our guests to come here is to pray in Hagia Sophia Mosque. We made our preparations to manage this interest in a way that would suit Istanbul. With all our institutions, we will be at the beginning of our duty and on the field. ” said.

Hagia Sophia Mosque is preparing for the first Friday prayer to be performed on Friday, July 24. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya announced the measures to be taken throughout the province from 23 July at 20.00 at a press conference in front of the Hagia Sophia.

Governor Yerlikaya said, “One of the most magnificent temples on earth; Symbol of Conquest of Istanbul Our Hagia Sophia Glass; On Friday, July 24, we are opening to worship tomorrow with the Friday Prayer. I thank Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han and his soldiers, who brought Hagia Sophia to our civilization with Istanbul, with gratitude and mercy. ” he started his speech.

“The temple, which has been a museum for 86 years and remained worshiped; bringing together with prayer, prayer and adhan; I present my gratitude on behalf of myself and Istanbulites to our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and those who contributed. ” Continuing his speech, Governor Yerlikaya stated that all Muslims are excited for the opening.

Governor Yerlikaya said, “Hagia Sophia is the trust of the Commander, That soldier, That conquest, who has been honored with the good news of our Prophet. All Muslims are excited, and I'm excited. Everyone wants to be at the opening of Hagia Sophia. There is a great interest. We made our preparations to manage this interest in a way that would suit Istanbul. ” used expressions.

Stating that this magnificent day will be experienced in the best way, Governor Yerlikaya continued as follows: “When we come to Hagia Sophia, we ask our citizens to bring 4 things with them. Mask. Prayer rug. Patience. Understanding."

Governor Yerlikaya shared the measures to be implemented: “Due to the epidemic, different open areas, namely (2) for men and (3) (5) for the guests in and around Ayasofya Mosque, were determined as prayer places. These areas are; For men, Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Square and Basilica Avenue. For women, the area next to the Tomb of Sultanahmet and Mehmet Akif Park were allocated. To the areas to be prayed; There will be 3 main directions. These are Beyazıt Square, Sirkeci and Çattıkapı. Entrance to the prayer areas will be provided after searching by our police at 11 different checkpoints. ”

Governor Yerlikaya stated that the guests should not bring handbags and backpacks with them in order to make the transition at the search points fast and easy.

Governor Yerlikaya Shared Health and Transport Measures

Stating that preparatory work is continuing in the area, Governor Yerlikaya said, “The marking of the pure order in the areas to be prayed by our Fatih Municipality due to epidemic measures will start at 20.00 this evening and will be completed until the morning hours. The entrance of our guests to the areas to be prayed will start tomorrow, on Friday, from 10.00 am. ” said.

Stating that all necessary precautions have been taken by the Health Directorate, Governor Yerlikaya said, “At the entrance points, fever measurement and mask control will be done. In this context; A total of 17 ambulances, including 736 health personnel and 1 helicopter ambulance, will work at 101 health points to be established in the area. ” said.

Sharing the transportation measures, Governor Yerlikaya said, “As we explained yesterday in the Historic Peninsula, due to the opening of the Hagia Sophia Mosque; From Ataturk Boulevard Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha Street, all the roads leading to the Historic Peninsula and the Galata Bridge will be closed to traffic from July 23, that is, from 20.00 today. In this context, Kennedy, Reşadiye, Ragıp Gümüşpala Streets will be closed to traffic between the same hours. The vehicles existing in this area will be allowed to leave the Historic Peninsula until 24.00:20.00. Eurasia Tunnel will be open, sea, Metro and Marmaray services will continue. Tram services will continue, only between Beyazıt and Eminönü stops, there will be no flights on Thursday, that is, from 06.00:XNUMX today until XNUMX:XNUMX on Monday morning. spoke in the form.

“We recommend our guests to use public transportation”

Stating that Yenikapı Event Area is allocated as a parking place for guests coming from outside the city by bus, “Our guests who get off the bus; With the buses allocated by IETT, they will be transported for free throughout the day, up to Çattukapı, and from there to the places to pray, they will reach a distance of approximately 200 meters on foot. The officers of our mufti will constantly assist our citizens in the areas to be prayed. Our fellow citizens, especially; We strongly recommend that all our guests use public transportation. Thus, it will be easier to reach the Hagia Sophia Mosque and prayer areas. ” said.

Stating that Fatih Municipality Cankurtaran Social Facilities is allocated as a car park for the members of the press, Governor Yerlikaya said, “Detailed information showing the transportation routes and health points determined due to the opening of the Hagia Sophia will be published in our governor's website and social media accounts soon.” used expressions.

Governor Yerlikaya said, “We know that the greatest desire of all our guests to come here is to pray in Hagia Sophia Mosque. Our Hagia Sophia Glass will be open until morning. For this, we mobilize all our possibilities. I hope we will be at the beginning and on the field with all our institutions. Under the coordination of our governorship, our Metropolitan Municipality, Fatih Municipality, Gendarmerie Command, Police Department, Mufti, Culture and Tourism Department, Health Department, Regional Directorate of Communication and many other institutions are working. We would like to thank all of our institutions and organizations that have contributed and have worked hard. ” He finished his speech by saying.

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