IETT Lines and Wage Tariffs are Clear in Islands


IETT vehicles, which will provide public transportation services in Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kinaliada, have become clear routes and fare tariffs.

Problems with the operation of electric vehicles in the Islands have been resolved. With the decision of the Transportation Coordination Directorate (UKOME), the fare tariffs of the vehicles that will serve in the Islands have become clear.

Adakart owners will pay 13 liras and 3 cents for flights with 50-person electric vehicles. Passengers who do not have Adakart and who will use Istanbulcard will pay a fee of 12 TL.

In Ada Taxi, a taximeter opening fee of 5 lira will be paid for the islanders, and a fee of 3 lira and 10 kurus per kilometer. For tourists, the opening fee was determined as 15 lira and the fee per kilometer was 12 lira.

iett lines and fee tariffs on the islands have been clarified
iett lines and fee tariffs on the islands have been clarified

Line Numbers Also Set

The Büyükada line, which will run with the code BA-1, is on the Çarşı-Tepeköy-Kadıyoran route, the line with the code BA-2 is Çarşı-Maden-Ni.zam BA-3 coded line will serve on Lunapark Square-Büyüktur route.

HA-1 line will operate on the Çarşı-Akçakoca-Fire Department route in Heybeliada, and the HA-2 line will run on the Çarşı-Çamlimanı route.

BU-1 line will operate on the Çarşı-Kalpazankaya route in Burgazada.

KA-1 line will run between Çarşı and Narcicegi in Kınalıada.

A total of 40 13 + 1 passenger vehicles and 20 3 + 1 passenger vehicles will serve in the Islands. Electric vehicles that can accommodate 13 passengers have a range of 40 kilometers. The vehicles have a 20 degree climbing angle when filled. Charging time of vehicles capable of maximum 25 kilometers is 9 hours.

The vehicles, which can take 3 passengers and serve as Island Taxi, also have a range of 40 kilometers. The charge time of the vehicles, which has a 20 degree climbing angle, is about 7 hours.

IETT will provide uninterrupted service in Adalar with the spare batteries it provides.

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