IMM Assembly Extends the Right of Free Access to Healthcare Workers

In today's session, the IMM Assembly extended the time for healthcare professionals to use public transport and ISPARK parking lots for free. Healthcare workers will be able to benefit from these opportunities until August 31 with the extension decision.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council convened at Yenikapı Eurasia Show and Art Center under pandemic conditions. Meeting with the fourth union of July, IMM Assembly members discussed important articles about Istanbul. Previously, with the decision of the IMM Assembly dated 11 May 2020, healthcare professionals started to use public transportation vehicles included in the Istanbulkart integration free of charge. Healthcare workers could also use the parking lots of ISPARK, a subsidiary of IMM, for free.


In Istanbul, where the epidemic risk continues intensively, the IMM Directorate of Public Transportation has prepared a new proposal. In the report prepared; A decision was made to extend the duration of free use of public transportation vehicles and ISPARK car parks, which are included in the Istanbulkart integration in Istanbul, until 31 August 2020. The IMM Assembly accepted the proposal approved by the commissions unanimously in its session today.

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