Hyundai KONA Electric Sales Exceed One Hundred Thousand

hyundai kona electric sales exceeded one hundred thousand
hyundai kona electric sales exceeded one hundred thousand

Hyundai wants to sell 2025 thousand electric vehicles annually by 560.

KONA Electric, Hyundai Motor Company's worldwide award-winning fully electric compact SUV, exceeded 100.000 units in sales. Same zamKONA Electric, which is now the world's first electric B-SUV model, has managed to become popular with its class-leading features since its launch in March 2018. KONA Electric is a model that attracts attention with its long driving range, fast charging feature, safety and comfort equipment against its strong competitors in the American and European markets.

KONA Electric, which has won the “Electric Car of the Year” award in many countries, can travel 415 km with full charge. With it, LED headlights, daytime running lights and new design elements can make a difference in electric models.

The vehicle, which can produce 201 horsepower thanks to its high-efficiency electric motor, uses a high-voltage 64 kWh ion battery. Equipped with many active and passive security systems, the car promises superior comfort to its users with its wireless phone charging system, 10.25 inch touchscreen multimedia screen and Apple Carplay-Android Auto mobile features.

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