Golden Horn Bridge was taken to maintenance, Metrobus will run from a single lane for 15 days

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Infrastructure Services Directorate started maintenance work on E-5 Golden Horn Bridge. Within the scope of the works, a strip of the Metrobus line will be closed for 15 days.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has started work on the wear of the 'joints' that provide the connection of the Golden Horn Bridge with the highway. Within the scope of the study, joint changes will be made by gradually closing the lanes on the highway. The works started in accordance with the Transportation Traffic Board (UTK) decision are planned to be completed on August 18.


The works to be done by IMM Infrastructure Services Directorate between 18 July 2020 and 18 August 2020 will be completed in 4 stages. In the first stage of the study, the right lane of the 2-lane road in the direction of Okmeydanı - Edirnekapı of the bridge will be closed for 7 days. In the second stage, the left lane of the same road will still be closed for 7 days. In the third stage, the 3 lane on the right side of the 1,5-lane road in the direction of Edirnekapı - Okmeydanı will be closed for 2 days following the 7nd stage. At the last stage, the 1,5 lane on the left side of the same road will remain closed for 7 days.


During the period that the work will continue, services on the Metrobus line for 15 days will be provided from a single lane for approximately 100 meters. In order to avoid problems during the expeditions, IETT placed officers at the entrance and exit of the region. Officers will direct Metrobus drivers during the voyages. In addition, emergency response teams will be made available to respond immediately to possible Metrobus malfunctions in the work area.

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