Are ESHOT Buses, İZDENİZ Ships, Tram and Metro Free on Holidays?

Public transportation will provide free services on the eve of Kurban and Eid al-Adha in Izmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has planned bus services for grave visits as well as additional special excursions for the purpose of smooth transportation.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate made arrangements during the hours of departure specially for the eve and Eid al-Adha days. In order to ensure that citizens travel smoothly, flights are frequent in all lines. Line and bus planning was also done for Kabir visits. Up-to-date information on flight times and routes are posted on ESHOT's official website.

Izmir Metro runs every 06.00 minutes between 06.30-20.00 and 00.20-7.5 on eve and festival days; Between 06.30-20.00, it will make a trip every 5 minutes. Konak Tram will run every 06.00 minutes between 00.20-7.5 during eve and festival days. Karşıyaka Tramway is available every 06.00 minutes between 11.00-20.00 and 00.20-10 on eve and festival days; Between 11.00-20.00, it will make a voyage every 8 minutes.

İZDENİZ ships; The day of the eve will work with the weekday schedule. In the feast days, the timetable of Sunday will be applied. Foça, Mordoğan and Urla flights will not be held on the first day of the eve and holiday; other days will continue. Güzelbahçe flights will continue on the day of the eve in accordance with the weekday schedule; the first day of the holiday will not be held; other days will continue.

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