About Emir Sultan Mosque

Emir Sultan Mosque was built in Bursa by Hundi Fatma Hatun, the daughter of Yıldırım Bayezid, on behalf of her husband Emir Sultan, probably during the reign of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed (1366 - 1429).

Emir Sultan Mosque, one of the most important architectural structures of Bursa, is located within the borders of Yıldırım district. It is located between cypress and plane trees next to the “Emir Sultan Cemetery” in the neighborhood of the same name in the east of Bursa. The mosque was first built zamWhile the moment was single domed, a courtyard and a three-domed portico were added in 1507. The mosque was completely destroyed in the earthquake that took place in 1795, and III. Selim had the mosque rebuilt on the same plan. Damaged in the earthquake of 1804, the mosque was repaired in the 1855th century and saved from ruin.

The mosque has a single dome sitting on an octagonal rim. There are minarets made of cut stone in the corners of the north facade. There is a fountain, a mosque in the south, a shrine in the north, and wooden rooms in the middle of its large courtyard, which is rectangular, surrounded by wooden porches with pointed and horizontal arches on wooden columns. The interior of the mosque is very bright. There are twelve large windows on the hoop and forty large windows on the body walls. The mihrab of the Emir Sultan Mosque, which was built around Iznik and Bursa, with the muqarnas, and decorated pediments with Rumi motifs, was built with Iznik tiles in the 17th century.

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