Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon System to Prevent Flock of UAV Threats


Agreement Epirus company Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Northrop Grumman's competence in the field of 'Measures Against Unmanned Aerial System' (C-UAS) system of systems (SoS) involves the use within their solutions. Thus, it adds Epirus's Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) system as a precaution against herd UAV systems to Northrop Grumman's advanced C-UAS capabilities, while adding a role to complement Epirus's Northrop Grumman's non-kinetic C-UAS effects.

“The Unmanned Air Systems pose a threat with its rapidly increasing use in modern warfare areas,” said Kenneth Todorov, Managing Director and Vice President of Northrop Grumman. With the participation of Epirus's Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon System in our C-UAS portfolio, we are strengthening our robust, integrated and multi-layered stance against this growing threat. ” said.

Northman Grumman's C-UAS (Prevention Against Unmanned Aerial Systems) solutions are layered into the field-tested, validated and currently used “Advanced Area Air Defense Command and Control” (C2) system, along with kinetic and non-kinetic effects, air and ground sensors. provides an architecture. The C2 system is a close zamAt the time it was chosen 'provisionally' by the US Army as a countermeasure system against small unmanned aerial systems.

Leonidas C-UAS Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon System

Epirus's C-UAS Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon System, called Leonidas, was designed to protect against unmanned aerial systems, fixed or mobile, and made possible a great reduction in size and weight with the use of semiconductor technology. Thus, it became a weapon capable of reaching a larger range of light at the speed of light, without problems such as ammunition capacity or loading. When Leonidas takes a shot, he produces an electromagnetic pulse that can be managed for a precise target hit, or establishes a certain terrestrial or aerial area as an isolated protection area.

The manager in charge of Epirus technology Bon Marr "Northman Grumman C-UAS system and system solutions contribute to proposals excites us. The unpredictable Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) capacity of our company will contribute to this solution project while continuing to understand and follow the constantly developing-changing asymmetric threats in the field. ” said.

Epirus is a company that has been developing Electromagnetic Pulse weapons for the US Army as of the 3rd year of its establishment. Company employees are formed from the experienced names of the Special Operations community and the Aviation industry. The company's office is located in Los Angeles, California.

Northman Grumman contributes to its customers from different parts of the world in the solutions of the most challenging problems encountered in space, aviation, defense and cyber space. With 90.000 employees in science, technology and engineering developed advanced systems that instant as we used every day, offers products and services.

Source: defanceturk

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