Canal Istanbul Support from Davutoğlu to İmamoğlu


İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu shared his views on the Kanal Istanbul project, which he described as one of the three most important problems of Istanbul, with the chairman of 3 political parties. Reminding the "environmental plan" prepared by the IMM under the management of the AK Party in 4, Imamoglu emphasized that everything called "It is vital for Istanbul, definitely not to be done" is in the channel project. Imamoglu shared the information on the plan that there were warnings such as avoiding settlement decisions that would cause Istanbul to develop northward, not exceeding the population of 2009 million, the natural threshold limit. Future Party Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu said, “The data you have just conveyed are the issues I asked during my Prime Ministry and I did not get an answer. Therefore, I would like to express that we will have clear support for you in these matters. ”

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), informed the political party leaders about the Kanal Istanbul project, which was listed as one of the three most important problems of the city with the "earthquake" and "refugee problem". Imamoglu, respectively; One by one with the Democratic Party (DP) President Gültekin Uysal and the President of the Grand Union Party (BBP) Mustafa Destici, the Vatan Party President Doğu Perinçek and the Future Party President Ahmet Davutoğlu, in the Presidential Residence in Florya. met.


Canal Istanbul is a national issue emphasizing that İmamoğlu, "the venerable leader of our political parties in Turkey Of course you're assay process, your course team, they are following the process are an expert, but IBB as well to transfer our side information to you, with you to share them demand a meeting with the desire we did. Returning to this made us very happy ”. Underlining that Kanal Istanbul is an important and great threat to Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “Istanbul has three deep threats. The first is earthquake; the second is Kanal Istanbul and the third is the uncontrolled growth of the refugee issue. These three issues in Turkey in terms of security is also at risk economically and in a way that deeply affect society in terms of health. Based on this conversation, we sent some of our publications to our political parties. I, especially we have a very deep research on this subject regarding Kanal Istanbul; We have made a book with the studies of dozens of scientists on every subject. It is a very fresh publication. Same zamThere is a report of our workshop about the channel right now. There is also an issue related to the earthquake that affects the process a lot. We sent these 3 works to you so that your experts will analyze them again ”.


İmamoğlu, who made a detailed presentation to the general presidents accompanied by slides, started to inform with the historical process of Kanal Istanbul. İmamoğlu emphasized that everything that is said to have a vital importance for Istanbul in the environmental plan prepared by the IMM under the management of the AK Party in 2009 is in the channel project, and listed them as follows:

  • Avoiding settlement decisions that will cause Istanbul to develop northward.
  • Preventing the use of agricultural and pasture lands other than their intended purpose.
  • In order to better protect the forests of Istanbul, to be taken into conservation forest status.
  • Taking measures to prevent urban development pressures in drinking water basins; Uses that threaten coastal areas are not allowed.
  • 16 million population, which is the natural threshold limit of Istanbul, is not exceeded.


The slide titles of İmamoğlu were:

- Domain

- Current state

- Changes with the new plan

Ecological assessment

- Evaluation in terms of protected areas

- Evaluation in terms of water resources and basin areas

- Evaluation in terms of agricultural areas

- Evaluation in terms of spatial development

- Assessment in terms of reserve area

- Evaluation in terms of earthquakes

- Evaluation in terms of filling areas and sea

- Evaluation in terms of construction process

- Evaluation in terms of city planning

- Evaluation in terms of participatory planning

- Evaluation in terms of public interest

- What else can be done with 140 billion?

- Legal evaluation

- Answers to the claims of the defenders of Kanal Istanbul


Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Chairman of the Future Party, who is one of the politicians who İmamoğlu presented with the teleconference method, said, “It is a great honor and a great responsibility to be the Mayor of Istanbul. Every decision to be made about Istanbul is a big decision at every level. The protection of Istanbul should be a constitution of politics. ” Emphasizing that there was no movement regarding Kanal Istanbul during his prime ministry, Davutoğlu underlined that he received detailed information from the relevant ministries when he took office. Stating that he saw that there was no good feasibility study and impact analysis for Kanal Istanbul as a result of the briefings he received, Davutoğlu said, “I asked some questions because they came to the agenda in a hurry and asked those ministers to answer these questions.” Davutoğlu, who shared detailed information about the responses he received from the cabinet members and about his own evaluations, noted that they also had some conflicts with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding Kanal Istanbul.


Stating that Kanal Istanbul was launched as the most important project of the AK Party, Davutoğlu said:

“I agree with all the data here. The data you have just transferred are the issues I asked during my Prime Ministry period and could not get an answer. Therefore, I would like to express that we will have open support for you in these matters. Mr. President was defending this as a personal project. I had serious reserves for this project. None of us were alive when Montreux was alive, today we call it 'collateral'. In a mistake you make today, just like losing Mosul or losing 12 islands, it affects a generation 100 years later. I even told the President: Even after 500, one of these events, if one of these possibilities were to come true, this is an irreversible project. Once you do it is a project that you cannot say 'I made a mistake, let me go back'. You made zamThe moment you turn that balance upside down. I would like to know that: I showed all kinds of sensitivity about this issue during my Prime Ministry period. I'll show you now. There is no struggle I will not fight for the fate of Istanbul. I would be very pleased to receive your report. I will send you the report prepared by our friends. Istanbul is our everything. "

Imamoglu also shared the slide he used in the presentation with the participating chairmen via e-mail.

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