President Erdoğan: We Will Be Our Aircraft Carrier

Making a statement at the evaluation meeting of the second year of the Presidential System of Government, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “We have an aircraft carrier, whether it is not complete or half. Now we will do all of this. I hope we will also have an aircraft carrier. Now we start with this, it went to sea. Now we will try to buy one or two more, ”he said.

The news by Yeni Safak included Erdogan's statements on the subject. In this context, Erdogan, who made excitement about the aircraft carrier in his statements about the defense industry, said, “At the moment, we have an aircraft carrier, albeit not fully, but halfway. Now we will do all this. Hopefully it will be our aircraft carrier too. Now we start with this, landed in the sea. Now we will try to buy one or two more. ”

The highlights of President Erdoğan's statements about the defense industry are as follows:

  • “Our national UAV engine PD-170 made its first flight with ANKA platform. Testing of our hawk cruise missile has come to an end. In the Korkut project, the first systems entered the inventory. One thousand 800 of the armored vehicles, one of the leading areas of our country, were delivered to the units.
  • Within the scope of the new type of submarine, Piri Reis was taken to the pool, and we did it personally. Our floating pool with a lifting capacity of 10 tons, which we built for the maintenance of our warships, was delivered to İzmir. This job is no joke, we will be determined. ”

Turkey warships and cargo 'will be produced in Kızılelma

Bülent Turan, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman, regarding the facilities of İÇDAŞ built in Çanakkale Biga in July 2019, “This will be the private dry dock where Marmara, Black Sea and Mediterranean's biggest dry cargo ships will be built, where repairs will be built, and even the largest warships will be repaired and built.” he said.

The report made by Calendar, AK Party Deputy Chairman Bulent Turan and Canakkale Governor Orhan annealed, Turkey to produce aircraft carrier, the factory premises in İÇDAŞ of Canakkale's Biga from heavy industry organization that starts with $ 50 million investment, 370 meters long and 70 meters took part in the visit of the dry pool construction in the width of.

Bulent Turan, İÇDAŞ's ongoing projects in Değirmencik facility "Turkey's pride" will be said that the project, "This is the Marmara Sea, the Black Sea and will be built on the Mediterranean's largest dry cargo vessels, repair facilities will find, even the most "There will be a private dry dock where even large warships will be repaired and built." said.

Source: defanceturk


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