Continental Reminded of Care Before Holiday Holidays

continental holidays reminded of the care before the trip
continental holidays reminded of the care before the trip

As the Eid al-Adha holiday coincides with the hot summer months, drivers must complete vehicle maintenance to be prepared for changing road conditions. Acting with the slogan 'Back to the Road', Continental states that it is important to complete all the necessary processes for a vehicle, from tire and oil change to brake and engine maintenance, before the holiday journey, and emphasizes that hygiene control and measures should be continued in the normalization period entered after the pandemic.

With the change of the season, the warmed air requires the vehicles to be prepared in accordance with the road conditions. Both passenger and commercial vehicle owners, who will set off on a long journey during the Eid al-Adha holiday, which coincides with hot weather, must prepare their vehicles for hot weather conditions for a safe ride. Continental underlines that all maintenance required by the vehicle, from tire and oil change to brake and engine maintenance, should be done for a safe driving experience.

Switch to summer tires for a safe ride

Winter tires increase braking distance and decrease road holding performance as the weather gets warmer. For this reason, it is very important to use summer tires in summer. All tires fitted to the vehicle have the same pattern to increase driving safety; otherwise, care should be taken to use tires with the same pattern structures on the same axle. Although the tread depth is minimum 1,6 mm in tires, it is very important that the tread depth does not fall below 3 mm for safer driving. Continental warns against regular check of tire pressure and spare wheels before setting off.

Sunlight causes change in tire air pressure

Tires exposed to sunlight for a long time become hot and the air pressure inside the tire rises. For such situations that could mislead the driver, Continental underlines that the sun factor should be taken into account before setting off. It is necessary for summer maintenance to control the shock absorbers, shock absorber mounts and other suspension systems as well as the adjustment of the rot-balance of the vehicles. Continental, who also warned for brake pads, should have a full hydraulic fluid; If the old worn, wounded and cracks have occurred, it states that the fan belt and timing belt should be replaced with a new one.

Vehicle hygiene zammore important than the present ...

In the normalization period entered after the pandemic, hygiene and disinfection controls in the vehicles should not be neglected. The interior of the vehicle needs to be cleaned thoroughly before and after use. The precautions to be considered in this process should be as follows:

  • Frequent contact areas such as vehicle door handles, gear levers, upholstery, car key and steering wheel should be cleaned regularly with a clean cloth and disinfectant.
  • Pollen and air filters should be checked.
  • A healthy and deep sleep should be taken before setting out for a safe journey
  • Fuel level of the vehicle should be checked and the amount of fuel to be consumed should be calculated.
  • The frequency of cleaning parts such as torpedo, vehicle screen and multimedia systems should be increased during the day.
  • Care should be taken not to leave products such as cologne and disinfectant used for vehicle cleaning and hand hygiene in the vehicle together with the warmed air.

Attention is as important as vehicle maintenance and hygiene measures

In addition to proper vehicle maintenance and hygiene measures, drivers also play a major role in a safe journey and driving experience. At this point;

Foods that will cause sleep, weakness or weight should be avoided and foods that will energize should be preferred.

During the trip, it should be tried to take a break every two hours, even if it is short.

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