China FAW Signed 6 Million Vehicle Sales in 1.63 Months

Chinese faw signed million vehicles a month
Chinese faw signed million vehicles a month

China's leading automaker First Automotive Works (FAW) Group Co., Ltd. sold more than 2020 million vehicles in the first half of 2.3, up 1.63 percent year on year. The company's iconic saloon brand, Hongqi, sold 110.7 units, up 70 percent year on year. The sales figure of Jiefang, another big truck brand, increased 35.6 percent year on year to 278 thousand 200 in the first half of the year. The group's joint ventures, FAW-Volkswagen and FAW Toyota, were also informed that sales were good.

Established in 1953 in the northeastern city of Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province, the state-owned enterprise is seen as the cradle of China's auto industry. Satisfactory sales in the first half have been secured by FAW's corporate reforms and have focused on the development of recursive products of its own domestic car brands over the past few years. Since 2017, FAW has focused on internal reforms, large-scale staff adjustments and versatile branding. On the other hand, it restructured the technology center and the R&D center was also established. FAW also joined former Rolls-Royce Design Director Giles Taylor in September 2018 as Global Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Design.

The company, which will add 5 new models to the Hongqi model in 21 years, has also taken steps to increase sales and improve service, set up more than 100 experience centers in major cities and implement free lifetime warranty policies.

Jiefang, FAW's truck subsidiary, has developed seven generations of heavy-duty trucks and has seen a production volume exceeding 1956 million units since the first Jiefang truck came off the production line in 7. In Changchun, FAW began building a test base for new powered vehicles and smart connected vehicles, which are expected to provide the automaker with all the process R&D and testing capabilities for passenger cars.

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