Electric Car Attack from China

electric car attack
electric car attack

The trend of the day is for electric vehicles; but in general they are more expensive than their counterparts working with fossil fuels such as gasoline. Now, this problem has been addressed by a Chinese manufacturer, and e-cars have also been offered at competitive prices. As a matter of fact, Aiways' U5 model electro-SUVs are now available in Germany at these prices.

Indeed, although the ecological demands of the day highlight electric vehicles, the dominance of gas-powered vehicles is evident on the roads of Europe and especially Germany. One reason for this is that in these countries there are not enough charging stations to charge automobile batteries, the other and main reason is that the price of electric vehicles is higher than others.

The consumer who wants to buy an electric car has to extract more money out of his pocket than a normal and customary fossil fuel-powered car buyer. Some countries, however, and Germany, in the meantime, offer some premium discounts to promote the use of electric vehicles; but electric vehicles are still expensive compared to gasoline vehicles.

This is on the way to change with the Chinese production Aiways U5. The Chinese manufacturer's electro SUV is now sold in Germany for 36.000 euros, including “reduced” VAT, according to the newspaper Handelsblatt.

When the 9.500-euro environmental tax discount for electric vehicles is deducted from this price, there is a sales price of 26.500-euro. Thus, of course, an extremely attractive price appears.

Aiways U5, which will be acquired at this price, is a 4,7 meter long electric motor with 190 horsepower and its battery (battery) can go 400 kilometers without charging.

The electric vehicle in question seems to be a serious option for electric cars of brands such as Renault, VW or Smart.

Source: China International Radio / Hibya News Agency

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