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Çamlıca Mosque, is a mosque located in the city of Istanbul in Turkey. The mosque, whose construction started on 29 March 2013 in Çamlıca, Üsküdar, is the largest mosque in the history of the republic. The mosque with 63 thousand people capacity and 6 minarets has an area of ​​57 thousand 500 square meters. Same in mosque complex zamCurrently, it has a museum, art gallery, library, a 8-seat conference hall, 3 art workshops and a 500 thousand XNUMX-vehicle parking lot.

The diameter of the main dome of the mosque was 34 meters to symbolize Istanbul, and its height was 72 meters to symbolize 72 nations living in Istanbul. 16 of the names of Allah were written on the inner surface of the dome, in reference to 16 Turkish states. Two of the six minarets of the mosque are 90 meters, while the other four minarets are built 107,1 meters high, symbolizing the Battle of Malazgirt.

In 2010, a new TV-radio antenna on the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Çamlıca Hill applied to the International Architects Union (UIA) for an international idea project. UIA received the opinion of the Chamber of Architects. The Chamber of Architects argued that Çamlıca Hill is a historical and symbolic area, natural and cultural heritage and SIT area, appropriate arrangements should be made as a public area, but the area should not be opened for construction. In addition, TV and radio antennas also commented on the area's texture, the silhouette of the Bosphorus and that it should be carried. UIA did not approve the contest due to this view.

A view from the entrance of the mosque
The news that a mosque, which can be seen from all over Istanbul, will be built in May 2012 was published in the press. Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay said, “It has been criticized that building a mosque in an unmanned place, including the environment, is not very suitable for our needs and beliefs. I think it will be proceeded in the light of these criticisms. There is no concrete project at the moment, ”he said. Then, architect Haci Mehmet Güner period of the mosque made in Kahramanmaras Prime Minister of Turkey Day is over appreciated by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Environment and Urban Planning Ministry was appointed to Istanbul as advisers and with the team project has learned from told the press began to draw.

On June 4, 2012, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization deactivated the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and opened the area under the name of “1/5000 Scale Master and 1/1000 Scale Büyük Çamlıca Special Project Area”.

A contest was opened on July 23, 2012 on the criticism of the method of public affairs.

Construction and opening
The mosque, which was announced to be finished on July 1, 2016, could not be brought up to this date, but was opened to worship. [10] The first prayer was performed on the day corresponding to the Regaip Kandili on March 7, 2019, and the official opening was held by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on May 3, 2019.

Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects The Chamber of Architects opposed the opening of the region and therefore a competition for the region by constructing a religious and tourism facility on Çamlıca Hill. In the statement made, “The idea of ​​protecting this unique value has been eliminated by ignoring the idea that the hill, which is one of the symbols of Istanbul and itself, is never opened for construction under any circumstances, as a public value, as a natural protected area and to be kept alive.” I have.

Architect Hacı Mehmet Güner said, 'We will use a large dome as Ecdadın does. The architects reacted to the statements that they will have at least 6 minarets and the minarets will be the highest mosque in the world. Uğur Tanyeli said: “What makes Süleymaniye Süleymaniye is its square meter and the minaret's size is not its location on the hill. No race can be won with the Ottoman mosques. Just an imitation Ottoman mosque. ” said. Sinan Genim said, “I think the mosque to be built today should carry the messages of today. I am not a fan of giving a copy of the past. ” he commented. Hüsrev Tayla, the architect of the mosques of Kocatepe and Şakirin, said, “Didn't Sinan have built Selimiye? Or did Kanuni have money? I did Kocatepe, but not even half of Selimiye. You have to know your limits. ” He brought his criticism about the dimensions of the mosque.

Doğan Hasol said, “It has become a structure that can attract attention with its dimensional size. The traditional approach to choosing a place is that the mosque is in the middle of urban settlement. But the place chosen here is outside the urban settlement. ” Doğan Tekeli said, “A similar view was formed in Çamlıca Mosque, just as the 'Ottoman Selâtin Mosques' on the hills of the Historic Peninsula look magnificent on the small city texture at the foot of those hills. From this perspective, it can be said that it is integrated with the city. However, according to the current zoning plan decisions, it was hastily built in an area that needs to be protected in green, without social consensus. ” said.

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