About Caferağa Madrasa

Caferağa Madrasa was built by Mimar Sinan (Koca Sinan) in 1520 by Cafer Ağa, one of the Babüssaade lords of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (1566-1559).

Our madrasah, which was included in the group of independent madrasas and reached today with the repairs it has undergone, was restored by the Turkish Culture Service Foundation in 1989.

Today; With 15 different art workshops, large hall and peaceful courtyard, it serves as an art center where Traditional Turkish Arts are taught, produced and exhibited, and welcomes local and foreign guests.


Workshops are organized in Caferağa Madrasah in order to introduce, teach, disseminate Traditional Turkish Arts to new generations, make the right productions and train new artists.

Our madrasa is the point where art comes to life in the historical place with its works of Traditional Turkish Arts and Music.

Daily Art Events

For many years, we have been working in cooperation with tourism agencies and guides, and we provide daily artistic trainings to our guests.

In our workshops, which now have an important place in the promotion of our traditional Turkish arts abroad, we are happy to be able to take their own art work to their country.

We are proud to introduce our culture and art in international country festivals that we attend abroad.


Caferağa Madrasa in the Historic Peninsula; While maintaining its services with artistic activities and traditional-contemporary art works offered for sale in the madrasah, it has an important place in the cultural mosaic of Istanbul.

Private foundation / association meetings are held in the great hall, zamDisplaying the works of our students at the end of the semester gives a special excitement. 

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