European Cycling Tourism Network EuroVelo's EV13 Route Will Extend to Istanbul!


İBB started working to extend the EV13 route of EuroVelo, known as the European bicycle tourism network, to Istanbul.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), starting from Norway 13 countries through (Finland, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Greece and Bulgaria) from Edirne in Turkey who EuroVelo He took action to include Istanbul on route 13.

In order to include Istanbul in the prestigious route, IMM formed the EuroVelo Istanbul Coordination Team, consisting of three experts in the field, under the Transportation Planning Directorate of the IMM Department of Transportation. Istanbul Bicycle House, which will soon be operational in Yenikapı, zamIt was planned to serve as the EuroVelo Coordination Unit.


Known as the European bicycle tourism network, EuroVelo covers 70 long-distance bicycle routes planned over 45 thousand kilometers and completed 16 thousand kilometers.Many tourists, starting from Europe with their bikes, are planning to enter our country. Istanbul aspects in switching over to Europe and Asia from Turkey would be an important stopping point considered the project aims to provide a significant contribution to Istanbul's tourism.

Extending the EuroVelo 13 route to Istanbul will allow the historical and cultural richness of the city to be carried to bicycle tourism networks. This network, which has earned the reputation of the cities in its countries, will also contribute to the city's economy. It will also play a role in the development of the bicycle transport infrastructure in Istanbul.

This route is defined as a Sustainable Tourism project supported by the EU Tourism and Transport Committee. The current network includes 1.320 long-distance cycle routes between 10.400 km and 19 km. Connecting villages, cities and countries, these routes offer advantages in terms of promotion, economy and prestige to the settlements they pass through. Using roads passing through rural areas instead of large highways, EuroVelo networks constitute an important driving force in terms of awareness of cultural diversity and development at the local level.

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