Interest German Engineering Company Opens Office in Turkey Increased


responsible for engineering partner for over a year togg'l successful cooperation perform an independent engineering company EDAG, now working in Turkey will support 'office.

EDAG, the world's largest independent engineering company, has opened an office in Turkey. German company with significant experience in the field of automotive technology, the first in Gebze IT engineering projects in the new office was opened in the Valley of Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) will perform.

German Engineering

EDAG Group, this is from last year zamTOGG, of which it is the main engineering business partner, is working to develop the first Turkish electric car brand as part of a team of international expert engineers.

German Engineering Company

EDAG will now support on-site support in its 600 square meter office in Bilişim Valley.

German Engineering Company Turkey

TOGG contained in the scope of cooperation with the relevant assessment with the opening of offices in Turkey EDAG CEO Cosimo De Carlo; As a responsible engineering partner since May 2019, we have been successfully cooperating with TOGG.

At the point where we decided that there should be cooperation of our office in Turkey. tOGGer including Turkey into the European electric mobility (e-mobility) we are confident will make a significant contribution.

Worldwide leading companies engineering services edage field among the leading companies in the area by giving talks about setting up the office in Turkey TOGG CEO while the road to Gürcan Karakas TOGG, 'if the firm from Turkey, we work with the best in not in the world and Turkey.

working in a network that reached 60 points in the world engineering companies entering the edage the tOGGer's gravitational field in Turkey that have come to IT Valley 'Mobility Ecosystem' I see the build as the evidence we took another step towards our main goal.

Mertcan Kaptanoğlu, who has many years of experience in automotive engineering, will manage the headquarters of EDAG in Bilişim Vadisi.

Kaptanoglu, close zamHe will establish a strong team of 30 engineers in no time. EDAG Group intends to expand its activities in Turkey as a strategic long-term.

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