Alfa Romeo Giulietta Payments Begin In 2021

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo makes it easier for car lovers to own a new car with a special loan campaign that will be valid in July. Those who prefer Giulietta until the end of July will start their loan payments in 2021. Alfa Romeo Giulietta; It awaits new owners with a 100-month term loan with 24 percent interest for 0,99 thousand TL throughout the month. Those who prefer the brand's sporty SUV Stelvio or sporty sedan Giulia are given a free premium package worth 40 thousand TL throughout the month.

Combining the definition of cars with performance and elegance for 110 years, Alfa Romeo provides its users with the ease of purchase with the "Buy Now Pay in 2021" campaign launched in July. Reflecting the unique Alfa Romeo character throughout July, Giulietta awaits new users throughout the month with new exterior body details, optimal in-car experience, new cabin touch-ups and improved engine range. The brand's car, where the sporty body meets performance, Giulietta meets users with a loan opportunity of 100 percent interest rate with a maturity of 24 months for 0,99 thousand TL. Giulietta's payments begin exactly 6 months later. Those who want to use lower amounts of credit within the scope of the campaign can also determine the most appropriate payment plan for them.

During the month; For those who prefer Alfa Romeo's sporty SUV, Stelvio and sporty sedan Giulia, 40 with Comfort Pack (keyless entry), Parking Assistant Pack (front parking sensors and rear view camera), more powerful sound system and Driver Assistant Pack. TL Premium Package is given as a free gift.

Source: Hibya News Agency

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