First Electric Vehicle BMW X IR will be sold in Turkey in 2021'yıl


BMW X family electric first model new iX3 will be the brand's new representative in the field of electric mobility. The vehicle attracts attention with a range of 459 km according to WLTP criteria.

BMW's factory production will start in China. The new BMW iX3 reveals its fifth-generation eDrive technology.

Thanks to the fifth generation BMW eDrive technology, the electric motor and charging have achieved a significant improvement in high-voltage battery technologies, making it the best in terms of performance, efficiency and range.

BMW First Electric Vehicle X

The fifth generation BMW eDrive technology will be used in the BMW iNext and BMW i3 models from the new BMW iX4. The car will be sold in the first quarter of 2021 in Turkey.

First Electric Vehicle BMW X Rel year will be sold in Turkey

Has a power of 290 hp

The electric motor of the new BMW iX3 has 30% more power density than BMW's electric models as a result of the improvements made. The new power unit produces 290 hp maximum power and 400 Nm maximum torque, making it fit for BMW genes.

The high power output reaches the new BMW iX3 from 6.8 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds. Thanks to its superior traction and maximum efficiency, let me take the legendary BMW driving pleasure to the top.

Increases to 10 Kilometers with a charge that fills in 100 minutes

With BMW's battery cell technology with the highest voltage and storage capacity ever used, the new BMW iX3 offers a range of 459 kilometers according to WLTP criteria and 520 kilometers according to NEDC test criteria.

Featuring the fifth generation eDrive technology, the New BMW iX3 reaches a range of 10 kilometers in 100 minutes, according to WLTP criteria, and has a 34 percent charge capacity in 80 minutes at fast charging stations.

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