2020 Central Exam LGS Results Announced

Millions of students sweat through the High School Transition Exam (LGS). The questions and answers of the exam, which was held in two parts, verbally and numerically, were announced by MEB immediately after the exam.

LGS Results Announced

LGS results of MEB on June 20 were announced. 181 students got full points by answering all the questions. Last minute developments in LGS results were followed as closely as students and parents who were at least as excited as them.

In the central examination under LGS, 42 students from 181 different cities got 500 full points by answering all questions correctly. In the central exam under LGS, female students succeeded in all subtests except mathematics.

For 2020 Central Exam LGS Results CLICK HERE

LGS Base Points

2020 LGS base scores have not been announced yet. However, information about the 2019 LGS school percentiles can be obtained.

For LGS Base Points and Percentiles CLICK HERE


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