Will the Famous Car Brand Mercedes Separate With Its 15 Thousand Employees?

Mercedes with a thousand employees
Mercedes with a thousand employees

Kovid-19 continues to show its impact in the automotive industry. Mercedes Benz manufacturer Daimler said in a statement that the total of 15.000 employees are at risk; He said the discussions on cost cuts would be harsh.

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The automobile industry continues to search for solutions despite the deepening problems. All showrooms, including factories, have been closed, only affected by the coronavirus pandemic that closes the EU. Mercedes-Benz in a bus and truck plant in Turkey.

Mercedes ways with thousand employees

Daimler, in fact, in November before the pandemic, by considering the costs of investing in electric vehicles; He announced that he would reduce at least 10.000 employees worldwide over the next three years.


Daimler board member Wilfried Porth said that more than 15.000 workers must retire to prevent layoffs.

The Daimler Working Council said on Monday that it was aware of the seriousness of the situation. The working council said that Daimler has managed to go through a crisis in the past, but this time it does not expect the situation to be much different.

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