Important Recommendations for New Normal Travelers

New Normally Traveling

After the travel ban, which started with the normalization process that started on June 1, the movement started especially from metropolitan cities to holiday homes and holiday resorts. However, although steps are taken to return to social life with the new normal, the continuation of the number of cases brings with it the necessity to apply existing restrictions. With over 150 years of history is rooted in Turkey's first title insurance company Generali Insurance owners, who will travel to found the recommendation for a smooth ride and holidays.

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Comprehensive health check

Those who will be traveling with the new normal must first have their health checks comprehensive. These checks are important both for the travelers and the health of other passengers.

HES code

On the other hand, the HEPP code, which has been made compulsory within the scope of the Ministry of Health measures, which allows it to be traveled domestically, must be provided through the Hayat Eve Sığar application offered by the ministry and via SMS.

Social distance

The coronavirus is a fact that the whole world has not yet been able to overcome. Social distance remains important before, during and after the trip. Scientists point out the continuing measures to wear masks and protective equipment, as well as the social distance applied to prevent contamination of the new coronavirus.

Hygiene rules

Within the scope of the fight against coronavirus, there are rules shared by the Ministry of Health with the public. It is important that the people who will travel are strictly adhering to all of these rules. In addition, people who prefer transportation by plane and bus; they need to avoid contact as much as possible in the aircraft and vehicles, pay attention to the social distance, and have a mask and protective equipment, a few of which are spare.

Travel by private vehicle

People who will travel with their private vehicles are recommended to disinfect their vehicles before traveling. It is also important that they have masks and various protective equipment in the vehicle. On the other hand, people who will travel with their private vehicle should pay attention to the use of air conditioners and also wear a mask if possible, taking into account the possibility of the virus being transmitted from air particles.

Alternate routes

People who will travel with their private vehicle should also download the Ministry of Health's Hayat Eve Sığar application on their mobile devices. After this application, when traveling for travel, it is recommended to check the risk status of the routes, and to prefer alternative routes instead of high-risk regions.

Crowded areas

With the new normal process that started as of June 1, domestic transportation has increased and especially holiday regions are preferred. It is important to prefer areas that are not crowded while making the travel plan.

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