TÜVASAŞ General Manager Entrusted the National Train to Sakarya and Left!

Known for its national and domestic projects, and therefore foreign companies zamTÜVASAŞ General Manager and Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan said, “We built the national and local train. We have also completed the projects of the 225 train. Here my mission is over. My only request from you is to protect this project and TÜVASAŞ ”.

TÜVASAŞ, which started operating as TCDD Wagon Repair Workshop in Adapazarı in 1951,  zamchanged their names in a moment and produced the National Train as TÜRASAŞ. Tomorrow, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank and Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu will come to Adapazarı for the factory tests of the National Electric Train. While the preparations in TÜVASAŞ, which will host two ministers, continue at full speed, TÜVASAŞ's General Manager and Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan met with the press.

Prdf before the press conference at Demiryol-İş Union Sakarya Branch President Cemal Yaman. Dr. Kocaarslan introduced the newly made sections to the press in TÜVASAŞ. Kocaarslan, who toured the Aluminum Electric facilities and the National Electric Train facilities, then held a press conference.

Stating that the institution has a capital of 800 million, it manufactures rail vehicles carrying 75 passengers per year, 500 vehicle maintenance and repair, and 240 aluminum bodies. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “A total of 723 people, including 215 workers, 87 engineers, 170 technicians, 410 administrative personnel and 605 subcontractors, work in the institution. During my tenure, 100 engineers were employed ”.

Losing TÜVASAŞ as a mission, “To design, manufacture, repair and modernize railway vehicles carrying passengers in accordance with international standards and developing technology”. Dr. Kocaarslan also stated that the vision of the institution is “To be an international brand that carries and manufactures world-class transportation and railway vehicles in the passenger car sector”.

Prof. TÜVASAŞ explained the works done for years at the press conference accompanied by a slide. Dr. Kocaarslan stated that 337 non-air-conditioned wagons, 9 rails, 88 generator wagons, 583 air-conditioned wagons, 255 Electric Train Set vehicles and 208 Diesel Train Set vehicles were on the rails. Reminding that the institution exports to print countries, Professor. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “TÜRASAŞ currently has all the certificates. Finally, we received the International Railway Industry Standards (IRIS) certificate. Minister Mustafa Varank has given our institution “R & D Center Certificate”.

Reminding that the disc pad and brake shoe worth about 100 million TL per year are purchased from abroad. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “We have entered the KAMAK project related to this. We produced and are currently testing. From now on we will also produce disc pads and brake shoes. The 100 million TL our country pays abroad will stay in the country. He will also be domestic and national in this business. ”

Stating that the institution made a turnover of 2015 in 193, 2016 in 290, 2017 in 372, 2018 in 488, 2019 in 406, 2020 million TL in the 433 program. Dr. Kocaarslan added that they expect the institution to make a turnover of 2023 billion TL in 2. Founded in 2018. Among the top 500 industry also reminiscent of that in Turkey, Prof. türavaş Dr. Kocaarslan said, "We ranked 425th among industrial establishments, 9th in public rankings and 1st in the rail sector."

Stating that TÜVASAŞ was supposed to look at 2016 vehicles in 297, 97 is missing from this figure, while it was supposed to maintain 2017 vehicles in 313, Prof. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “We made a system in this regard. How long the vehicles should stay in certain sections and are 78 to 12 hours late in this section zam“We turned on the yellow and red lamps at the moment”.

Prof. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “The system has sat down and while we were supposed to maintain 2018 vehicles in 354, we maintained 71 vehicles in 2018 by doing 425 more. While we were supposed to maintain 2019 vehicles in 387, we did 64 maintenance with 451 more. It was together with this system, discipline and love of work. On the other hand, for TCDD, we produced 2017 sets of Diesel Train Sets (DMUs) in 16, 2018 sets in 14, and 2019 sets of Diesel Train Sets (DMU) in 20 instead of 22 programmed sets. 2019 service wagons were produced in 30 and 2020 service wagons in the first 6 months of 10 ”.

In 2012 zamProf. Dr. Kocaarslan, ”In this context, the National High Speed ​​Electric Train set zamthe name of the moment was given to TÜVASAŞ, the National High Speed ​​Train Set to TÜLOMSAŞ and the National Freight Wagon to TÜDEMSAŞ. However, between 2012 and 2016, 20 percent of the distance was taken for the National Electric Train Set. Because ideas and projects about the train set were constantly changing. I took office in 2017 zam"I first intervened in this at the moment.

Stating that they want everyone's ideas, suggestions and thoughts to be sent to them precisely and clearly within 1 month, Prof. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “After that hour, we worked on a new plan for the national train. Our team worked like a bee. During these studies zam, zammoment about the legislation, we sometimes encounter difficulty of some foreign companies that want to sell to Turkey train set. We have worked hard to overcome these difficulties. Some criticized us for traveling in Ankara and Istanbul all the time. However, we were dealing with companies that wanted to sell trains to our country from foreign countries, eliminating us ”, he said.

Turkey $ 50 billion in rail vehicles cake is reminiscent Prof. Dr. Kocaarslan stated that those who have eaten this cake for years have been disturbed by the participation of TÜRASAŞ in the race. Professor Dr. Kocaarslan said, “No matter who is disturbed. We were given a task. We are in an effort to fulfill this task. We were assigned to the National Electric Train. We set out with national feelings. We fought for the national and local train if necessary. Our only problem was that it was domestic and national. Currently, we have achieved a rate of 80 percent in mass production. ”

Transferring the interior design and technical features of the train to the members of the press. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “From the 5 prototypes of the National Electric Train Set 2, 2020 sets (3 vehicles) will be produced in 15. In 2021, 8 of these sets (40 vehicles) will be produced. In 2022, 8 sets (40) vehicles will be produced from the same set. In 2023, 3 sets (15) vehicles will be produced. There is also a set of 4 of 36. Of these, 2021 (12 vehicles) will be produced in 48, 2022 sets (12 vehicles) in 48 and 2023 sets (12 vehicles) in 48 ”.

indicating that the average of Turkey's railway infrastructure available to 180 kilometers per Prof. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “While our infrastructure is available at a speed of 180 kilometers, they made agreements with foreign companies to get the sets that go 300 kilometers. It is a pity that it is a sin. Look, Moscow and St. There is the Sapan Train running on the St. Petersburg line. This train is a distance of 635 kilometers and 180 km from the environment. quickly takes 3.5 hours. Russians have bought a train set that will provide 300 kilometers instead of 180 kilometers. Because we cannot go, it is a waste to take the train, which makes speed more than speed. ”

Stating that he made many attempts in the presence of Başken regarding this issue, he explained in Ankara that the country's income was seriously lost. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “We said that. We drive at an average speed of 180 kilometers on our tracks. So why buy a train that travels at a speed of 300 kilometers by giving lots of money? Let's do the train that goes at a speed of 160 kilometers and goes 225 kilometers. So let billions stay in our country. We told this. It was accepted, ”he said.

Stating that the project work of our 225 km train set has started, Professor. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “The first prototype set will land on the tracks in 2021. All work on this has been completed and the project is progressing. After that, it is meaningless to give billions to get the train going 300 kilometers from abroad. Our 225-kilometer train set will run smoothly on our rails going with an average of 180 kilometers. Already, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has published the Presidential Decree in the duplicate Official Gazette No. 12 on February 2020, 31037 ”.

Dr. Kocaarslan said, “The production of '56 National Electric Train Sets' was given to TÜVASAŞ in the decree and zamAt the time of 14.05.2019, it was stated that "High-speed train sets will not be supplied from abroad, National Electric Train Sets produced by TÜVASAŞ will be used in fast and high-speed train lines." After this decision, the place moved. Foreign companies reacted to this decision, ”he said.

Stating that he has been working for National and Domestic projects since the day he came to TÜVASAŞ, Prof. Dr. Kocaarslan said, “I came here for the national and local train. Thank goodness I did the national and local train. We are the same zamWe are now professors, teachers. We raise our students and stand aside. So my mission here is over. It ended. I did what I would do. TÜVASAŞ is currently a producing facility. I entrust this facility to Sakarya people. "I will leave with the peace of completing my duty."

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