Included TR Flight Compliance Company Among TUSAŞ Affiliates

TR Flight Compliance Certification Services, which started its activities as a subsidiary of Turkish Aviation and Space Industry (TUSAŞ), started its activities with the aim of becoming an authorized auditor in the field of flight availability and certification, approved by local and international civil aviation authorities. TR Flight Compliance Certification Services will provide certification / consultancy services on Structural Systems and Strength, Safety and Continuous Flight Availability, Aircraft Systems, Flight, Propulsion and Dynamic Systems, Avionic Systems, Software, Hardware and Electrical Systems.

TR Airworthiness Certification Services will provide consultancy services in airworthiness and certification processes in both civil and military aviation. The company will also take part in the military certification of Turkey's largest aviation project, the National Combat Aircraft (MMU). zamAt the same time, HÜRJET will provide technical support to TAI in military certification activities in the Heavy Class Attack Helicopter and HÜRKUŞ-B projects.

Turkey's leading company in the field of defense and aviation, TAI took a new investment more signatures. Established as a subsidiary of TUSAŞ, “TR Flight Compliance Documentation Services Inc.” aims to continue its efforts to become a leading company in our country in the field of engineering, consultancy and certification services. The company will operate in compliance with the standards of international civil aviation authorities, such as the European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA and the Federal Aviation Administration - FAA.

Source: defenceturk

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