Turkey's 2022 Car of the end will be on the road

turkiyenin will be on the road at the end of the car
turkiyenin will be on the road at the end of the car

Turkey's Car Project "tells about the latest developments in Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank close zamHe informed that the foundations of the factory will be laid and plans will be made regarding the brand and marketing. Varank also stated that the domestic car will be on the roads at the end of 2022.

Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, made evaluations about the agenda in the program of “Başkent Kulisi” broadcast live on Kanal 7.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, addressing the vaccine and drug studies conducted for Covid-19, "All the projects carried out in vaccine production are very positive, they are dealing with the world." said.

Turkey's entry into the epidemic period of turbulence and go to the quick recovery period Varank explaining that "the continuation of investment appetite gives us hope for the future." found in the description.

Minister Varank evaluated the agenda in Kanal 7 TV's “Capital City Kulisi” program and talked about the works carried out against Covid-19. Addressing the issue of domestic production, Minister Varank said, “Being able to be self-sufficient, to use our own resources in the most efficient way is a very important issue in order to spread sustainable development and welfare to all layers of society. We have seen countries that have difficulties in the production of even the simplest materials. If you have a high dependency on abroad, it is very likely that you will experience difficulties here. ” he spoke.


Pointing to the importance of self-sufficiency, Varank said, “If you want to achieve balance, to be self-sufficient with your country resources, to reduce inputs from outside, so to create a more valuable economy, self-sufficiency is very important. Turkey's got himself a little more boldly approach. Turkish people should have confidence. ” said.


Minister Varank, regarding the defense industry field, said, “We have now increased the rate of localization in the defense industry from 20 percent to 70 percent, but despite this, there are issues that we depend on external materials, especially on the basis of parts. We are trying hard on these. ”


Turkey is currently local and national production of Ministers striking Varank be significant in the sense of, "We need to go beyond that. We should be able to make our basic productions. We should not be dependent on the outside in any matter. We must continue to work to create added value. We will see that our country has grown its economy with value added production. ” used expressions.


Referring to the share of high-tech products in exports, Varank said, “If we can develop a product especially in areas with an opportunity window, if we can enter the market and enter our own unique technologies, of course we have achieved the development in these areas. We are now an important exporter in the defense industry. ” said.


product located within a global detergent brand "colored particles" that brought from China, but Kovid-19 in the process of explaining that this product is not supplied by the breakage of the supply chain Varank, said the company's agreement with colored particles with one of the chemical companies in Turkey said that it generated.


Explaining that Turkey's high production capability Varank, "Turkey, to intervene quickly to events, they can meet their needs quickly. In fact, for our country in Turkey will be a great opportunity for our country in terms of issues came up in the Covidien-19 process. It can be a supplier to many global companies. Our companies can also take forward steps. ” used expressions.


Referring to the local intensive care respirators, which were put into mass production in 14 days, Varank said, “Our companies have discontinued this product in 2 weeks and now 5 thousand respirators are produced. Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sends free to countries in need. We produced the product to export to those who want to buy. ” said.

Varank said that more than 2 respirators were exported to Brazil.


Varank explained that the feedbacks about breathing devices are very good and said, “There is a window of opportunity. We need to have a say in the world economy by evaluating this window of opportunity. ” used expressions.


Covidien-19 before the outbreak of the border with Turkey, said the establishment of Covidien-19 Varank Platform Turkey, voiced currently 17 different projects continued under the platform roof. Noting that Favipiravir is a drug that is used when using coronavirus therapy, Varank said, “We developed this product by synthesizing it from scratch. Our scientists developed it in a short time like 1,5 months. ” said.


Explaining that the animal experiments stage has been reached in vaccine development studies, Varank pointed out that the projects currently underway are positive. Varank said, “We have works with very good results, so we can deal with the world. We believe that our scientists will do world-leading jobs. Maybe we don't announce the first vaccine to the world, but maybe we can find the best vaccine. The talents of our people in our country are not lower than them. ” said.


Varank describing Turkey's Car of the project, "The project continues as planned. It was understood that there was a need for a little more work on the factory floor than expected. We expect the foundation of the factory to be laid soon. Turkey's car at the end of 2022 as planned, we will see the pride in the way. " he spoke.


Looking at industrial production, Varank said that electricity consumption in OIZs was 2 percent more than May in the first 26 weeks of June, and the recovery was continuing rapidly.


Turkey, which emphasized that a strong momentum in the last two quarters believe will catch Varank, said:

“We have issued an investment incentive certificate of 5 billion liras in the first 67 months of the year, and we anticipate that more than 110 thousand new jobs will be created if these come to life. In the same period, we see that 5 new producers registered in the industrial registry, and 500 firms in OIZs started to produce from scratch. Continued investment appetite gives us hope for the future. Turkey, the epidemic was entering the period of turbulence, we're going to fast recovery period. Our country has carried out this struggle very successfully. ”

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