Last minute..! Curfew Banned on Weekend Canceled

The curfew was canceled by President Erdoğan. A statement came from President Erdoğan about the curfew on the weekend. The statement included statements that a curfew was taken for the weekend, but the decision was reassessed based on feedback from the public, so the curfew was lifted. With these developments, the curfew, which will be implemented over the weekend in 15 provinces, has been lifted.

Statements of President Erdoğan regarding the cancellation of the curfew are as follows;

As it is known, during the epidemic period, we have implemented many measures to protect our nation from the Coronavirus. One of these limitations were out in the street we apply to our entire Turkey or in certain provinces.

Essentially, we weren't considering using this method again after the last limitation. However, the number of daily cases, which went up to 700-odd at once, reached almost a thousand. Upon this negative development, we had to put the curfew measure on our agenda again.

With the proposal of our Ministry of Health and the circular of our Ministry of Interior, it was announced last night that the curfew will be applied in 15 provinces this weekend. However, the evaluations we received from our citizens led us to reconsider the decision.

It was understood that this decision, whose sole purpose was to prevent the spread of the disease and protect our citizens, would lead to different social and economic consequences. After a 2,5-month hiatus, we were not willing to let our citizens get into trouble, who started to organize their daily life again.

For this, as President, I decided to cancel the weekend curfew application covering our 15 provinces. I strongly ask my citizens to strictly observe the MASK-DISTANCE-CLEANING rules in this process.

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