Do you think this is Dacia ZamHow Many Cars Has Been Sold?

Do you think this is Dacia ZamHow Many Cars Has Been Sold?

Founded in Romania in 2004, Dacia Company managed to reach worldwide impressive sales figures with its economic models launched after it entered under the roof of Renault Group. Dacia, which has been in the automotive industry for nearly 16 years, has not been known how many cars it has sold so far. But Dacia shared the total number of cars it sells worldwide.

Dacia, this zamannounced that it has sold 6,5 million cars worldwide so far. The first model he has released, the Logan model, this zam1,8 million units have been sold so far. With the Sandero and Sandero Stepway models, which it launched in 2008, it sold 2,1 million vehicles in total. In addition, Duster, the economic SUV model of Dacia, which is very popular in our country, has managed to sell 1,6 million units worldwide.

So how Situation in Turkey?

Dacia, while in Turkey this from 2004 zamIt has achieved a total of 387,866 sales so far. Moreover, Turkey ranks eighth in the rankings between countries are selling. In addition, 119,327 Dacia Duster and 104,881 Dacia Sandero have been sold in our country so far.

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