The Next Challenge Will Be The 2026 F1 Engine Rules

The Next Fight Will Be The F Motor Rules
The Next Fight Will Be The F Motor Rules

Existing V6 hybrid engines will be used by the end of 2025. In the next period, there is a great demand for engines to be more economically viable and sustainable.

Ross Brawn had stated that he did not expect another engine manufacturer to enter F2026 until 1 and that all options were open for that period.

Abiteboul said that the decisions taken recently regarding the power unit are a step in terms of savings, and that they can take it to a new level with the rules of 2026.

The next year slowed down the fight for power unit development by completely freezing the engines and limiting dyno watches.

This was a good step and the cost of producing and starting these engines is still very high.

The next generation will be making good decisions to make power units more affordable.

Abiteboul has started working on Renault's possible formats for future rules.

Abiteboul said, “We started to think about what could happen at least in terms of the goals of the sport.”

One of them is economic sustainability, obviously the current power unit is very difficult economically.

Another will involve technology. Electricity accelerated all over the world, and we have to think about what it means for F1, what it means for races, what it means in parallel with Formula E.

Abiteboul finally denied the claims that removing MGU-H from existing units could be a simple solution.

Abiteboul, We have MGU-H for the fuel efficiency of the engine. Are we ready to lose 20-30% of fuel efficiency?

I don't think we can carry more fuel because the vehicles will already be heavier in 2022. If we remove the MGU-H, we will have to add another 50 kg of fuel to the vehicle.

This is a very difficult equation. Since the vehicles will not be lighter, if we want to have the same level of sustainable power, it will be very difficult to remove that part from the power unit.

Of course, you can have much more power If you want sustainable (economical) F1, it is very difficult to achieve this without that part.

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