Murat Second Appointed to ROKETSAN General Directorate


ROKETSAN held the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting on June 11. As a result of the meeting, General Manager Selçuk Yaşar, who has been serving ROKETSAN for 32 years, was retired and Murat Second, who was the General Manager of STM, was appointed.

Roketsan Chairman of the Board Press Release

As a result of the ROKETSAN Ordinary General Meeting held on June 11, 2020, the Deputy Minister of Defense, who is a member of the Board of Directors, Muhsin DERE and Sn. Instead of Mustafa AYSAN, Deputy Minister of Defense. Yunus Emre KARAOSMANOĞLU and Mr. Ahmet TÜRKMEN was elected. At the meeting of the Board of Directors following the General Assembly; He is a member of the Board of Directors. Musa ŞAHİN has been elected as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. I wish success to our newly elected members.

He has been serving ROKETSAN for 32 years since its establishment, carrying out the duty of General Manager since February 2012 with success and diligence and having significant efforts in the development and progress of ROKETSAN. Selçuk YAŞAR's own request for retirement from the position of General Manager was approved by the Board of Directors. On behalf of myself, the Board of Directors and the ROKETSAN family, for his contributions to ROKETSAN and his memorable work. I thank Selçuk YAŞAR and wish you a happy and healthy life.

Sec. Having served as the STM General Manager for ROKETSAN General Directorate, which became a result of Selçuk YAŞAR's retirement, Mr. Murat İKİNCİ has been appointed. Having graduated from Bilkent University Computer Engineering Department with a honors degree at the undergraduate level, after receiving his master's degree at the same university, he also completed an MBA degree, has been working in the defense industry for 20 years, and has been a senior manager at STM since 2008. He has been successfully working as STM General Manager until today. I hope that Murat İKİNCİ will be successful in ROKETSAN, with my knowledge and experience, and I believe that it will create added value for ROKETSAN and undertake important and valuable works. I would like to welcome him on behalf of myself, the Board of Directors and the ROKETSAN family.

With my deepest love,

Professor Dr. Faruk YIGIT
Chairman of the Board

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