Digital Championship Starts in Rally

starts the digital champion in the rally
starts the digital champion in the rally

Turkey Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) by one of the brands that invest most in the world of Red Bull motor sports cooperation, Sports Toto and Shell Helix organized with the contribution TOSFED continues records Digital Rally Championship.

The qualifications of the championship, which will continue until the evening of June 13, will be held between 15-19 June. Peer on both PC and Playstation platforms zamIn the qualifiers, which will be held immediately with the WRC8 game, the participants will be among the top 14 drivers and compete to qualify for the championship.

A difficult season consisting of 7 feet will be waiting for the participants who will be determined at the end of the qualifiers. Championship June 27 in the condition to begin with Monte Carlo Rally, respectively, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Catalonia, Corsica after the rally will end with the Rally of Turkey on September 26. The driver who achieved the highest score at the end of the season will win the 2020 TOSFED Digital Rally Champion title and 10.000 TL, while the second will receive the 6.000 TL and the third will receive the 4.000 TL cash prize.

Details of the championship, whose registration will end on Saturday evening, June 13 takes place in the micro site.

Hibya News Agency

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