Nostalgic Tram Started Expeditions on Istiklal Street


IETT restarted the Nostalgic Tram services, which were stopped on 6 April due to the Korona pandemic. The tram will operate at 50 percent capacity due to the continuing danger of the outbreak.

Nostalgic Tram, which is one of the symbols of Istanbul, between Taksim Square and Tunnel, is back in operation. The flights, which could not be done for about 2 months due to the Corona Pandemic, started today at 07.00:50. As the epidemic danger continues, the tram will operate at XNUMX percent capacity.

After the horse-drawn trams that started for the first time between Azapkapı and Beşiktaş on July 31, 1871, an electric tram was started, and the expedition of the motor vehicles was later terminated.

Towards the end of 1990, the old wagons in the museum were restored, and the Nostalgic Tram, which started its journey again at a distance of 870 meters between Taksim and Tunnel, carries about 400 thousand passengers a year.

Nostalgic Tram, which starts working at 07:00 on weekdays and Saturday at 07:30 on Sundays and continues until 22:45, runs on average 20 minutes.

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