Mercedes' luxury SUV Glb launched

Mercedes' Luxury Suvu Glb Launched
Mercedes' Luxury Suvu Glb Launched

Mercedes-Benz, one of the companies engraved in the automotive sector with gold letters, wants to take the lead in the compact SUV class.

The company introduced the tool GLB, which it produced in this context, last year. Mercedes, which broke new ground in the history of the company with this new vehicle capable of carrying 7 people at the same time, went on sale in our country 1 year after the promotion.

Offering a luggage volume of up to 1805 liters, GLB draws its power from a turbo gasoline engine that can produce 163 horsepower. The vehicle, which looks very strong on the outside, may disappoint the enthusiast of auto-loving cars, because Mercedes has chosen to manufacture the vehicle only with automatic gear.

Mercedes takes care of the interior design of the vehicle and gains the appreciation of the users.zamseems to be aiming the moon.

The next Mercedes vehicle to our country is the new GLB

Like many events that could not be done in the real environment this year due to the coronavirus epidemic, the launch of the GLB was carried out from the virtual environment. In his speech at the launch, Mercedes-Benz Automotive Executive Board and President of the Automobile Group, Şükrü Bekdikhan, stated that they offered a strong alternative to large families by bringing another premium compact SUV to the series.

Bekdikh of our country, after stating that the new GLB models will offer the next sale "Our goal in Turkey with the completion of all our models, premium provide leadership by offering the most alternative in the compact class" form of talking they want to be the leading company in this vehicle class in Turkey clearly stated. President, what is GLB zamHe declined to state that the moment would come.

The new GLB, which has become a favorite of many automobile enthusiasts thanks to its design and powerful equipment, can be purchased at prices starting from 406 thousand liras.

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