Malatya Train Accident Errors and Negligence Claims on the Grand National Assembly Agenda

The allegations of errors and negligence regarding the accident where two freight trains collided head-to-head near the Karabağlar District of Battalgazi district were brought to the agenda.

Speaking at the session of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on Tuesday, CHP Istanbul Deputy Att. Mahmut Tanal claimed that the accident occurred due to the train that resolved its malfunction in the center of Malatya and the train in Battalgazi unannounced. Sharing the information he obtained about the way the accident occurred, Tanal said, “According to the information we received, the train to be released from Malatya malfunctioned. The dispatcher is lining up the waiting train in Battalgazi because the malfunction lasts long. The train, which resolved its malfunction early, sets out unannounced as its documents are ready. In terms of Battalgazi, the train allowed by the dispatcher is coming. Both trains are unaware of each other. They collide head to head. The dispatcher who normally took the train on the opposite side had to inform the other dispatcher. If it was notified, the accident would be prevented by saying 'do not set off'. Again, human error. The most reliable means of transportation was accidentally remembered during the Ak Parti era. ”


Mahmut Tanal, of CHP, brought the allegations about the causes of the disastrous accident in which 2 personnel died and 2 people were injured to the Assembly's agenda through the question motion. The proposal submitted by Tanal to the Turkish Parliament Presidency on the request of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaosmanoğlu to answer is as follows:

  • Has preliminary information note, minutes and report been prepared by TCDD? If it is prepared, is it written in the official documents for which reason or reasons why the train accident occurred?
  • As a result of the investigation, research and investigation, is it determined that the accident originated? What is the reason of the train accident in Malatya?
  • Is the claim that there is a malfunction in the machines of the train moving from Malatya and involved in the accident? Is the dispatch of the defective train canceled? Did the train with the machine malfunction moved despite the dispatch cancellation? Has the train waiting in Battalgazi been shipped to Malatya without the cancellation of the defective train?
  • Has the trainer of the train in Malatya, whose defect in the machine was corrected after the train waiting in Battalgazi, was warned not to set off?
  • Has the movement officer queued the train waiting in Battalgazi with the thought that the train breakdown of the train waiting in Malatya and the road permit will take a long time?
  • The dispatcher told the mechanic and staff of the defective train, “I canceled your shipment. I called the train in Battalgazi. Why not set off after the fault has been remedied ”?
  • Why is the movement officer waiting for the trainer and staff of the train waiting and allowed in Battalgazi: “The train in Malatya failed. That's why I put you in order. ”
  • The mechanic and officers of the train in Malatya, whose fault was remedied, said, “The fault is resolved. Did we notify the relevant units and people that we will set out on the road?
  • If it is reported, the train mechanic said, “The road to the train waiting in Battalgazi was granted for your fault to last long. Your shipment has been canceled. Why not stop by saying "Don't move?"
  • Has the dispatcher who gave the train to the train in Battalgazi instead of the defective train notified the other relevant dispatcher regarding this change? If not, what is the reason for this?
  • Were there any maintenance and repairs on the road used by trains that collide head to head on the day of the accident?
  • Did the signaling system work during the hours of the accident? If not, what is the reason for this?
  • Will the negligence and errors regarding the train accident be investigated?
  • Have any administrative investigations been launched into the accident?
  • Will the statement of the movement officers be referred to?

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