Arteon, the New Gran Turismo Model of Volkswagen, Combining Luxury and Sportiness

The new arteon that combines luxury and sportiness
The new arteon that combines luxury and sportiness

Volkswagen's "Gran Turismo" model Arteon has been updated with new efficient engine options, smart driving and assistance systems. The model attracts attention with its 100 percent digital cockpit “Digital Cockpit Pro” and its completely renewed interior design after a comprehensive development.

One product line, two models: The renewed Arteon will be available in Europe in the coming months with the new Shooting Brake versions in the fastback and stationwagon chassis type.

In addition to the TDI and TSI engine options, the new Arteon has a new engine option. Volkswagen offers performance and efficiency together with its eHybrid model, which is used for the first time in Arteon and produces 218 PS power.

In the new Arteon, the semi-autonomous driving assistant "Travel Assist" system, which allows driving up to 210 km / h, is used for the first time.

Arteon, the ambitious model of Volkswagen's avant-garde design, is preparing to hit the road with its updated version. The more efficient, energetic and fully digital model is planned to be launched in Europe in the second half of 2020. The new Arteon is designed for all car lovers who value individual design and innovative technologies as well as functionality.

Front design combining luxury and sportiness

In the new Arteon, the front profile, which is updated in the first plan, stands out. Arteon's renewed design, which has managed to attract attention with its previous generation, is still eye-catching but much more refined. The sharpened design line on the front shows that the model is a stylish luxury car on the one hand, and underlines that it also has a strong sporty character. The interaction of the long and wide hood with the remarkably designed radiator panel and integrated LED headlights reveals this character. Continuing from the headlights to the radiator grille in the new Arteon, the LED daytime running light line manages to attract attention even in daylight.

Characteristic back design

The strong traces of the design draw attention on the back of the new Arteon. Especially, the strong, striking design of the shoulder line that continues on the rear fender and the new LED stop group Arteon attracts attention when it is first encountered.

Advantageous dimensions with MQB

The new Arteon is in the group of models Volkswagen produces on the MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix) platform. Thus, thanks to a long wheelbase of 2.840 mm, the area of ​​use has been made quite efficient. The new Arteon has a length of 4.866mm and a body width of 1.871mm excluding exterior mirrors.

The new digital cockpit

In the interior of the new Arteon, there is a cockpit environment of high quality and functionality redesigned in accordance with the character of the model. Inside, the center console and door trims have been redesigned, including all surfaces, ventilation outlets, the instrument panel, the infotainment system and air conditioning controls. With the "Touch slider", the new steering wheel with intuitive controllable automatic air conditioning and touch buttons is offered with much easier operation. Another new feature: Applications can now be integrated wirelessly to the car via "App-Connect Wireless" using the "Apple CarPlay" and "Android Auto" functions. The powerful and high-quality sound system of Harman / Kardon with 700 watts is specially designed for New Arteon.

New dashboard

New artificial leather surfaces applied with special seams used on the upper part of the console and door trims stand out as a more refined and high-end design. New wooden or chrome decor options are offered, which increase the premium quality perception of the interior to a higher level according to the preferred hardware levels. Air conditioning ducts have been redesigned and fully integrated into the car. Ambient lighting with 30 different colors integrated into the decors inside the door also provides a pleasant driving experience especially during night trips.

Digitized controls

In addition to the new generation multifunction steering wheel with touchpads, Arteon has many touch control units. When the semi-autonomous driving assistant "Travel Assist" is activated, a safer and more comfortable driving experience is offered thanks to special surfaces that detect the driver's hand on the capacitive steering.

Climate control with touch functionality is one of the most important improvements presented in the New Arteon. In the automatic air conditioning system, the desired temperature setting can be changed intuitively via a "touch slider". The same feature is used for the ventilation system of the air conditioner.

In the new Arteon, the new generation digital instrument panel "Digital Cockpit Pro" is offered as standard. The 10,25-inch screen has high resolution and clear graphics. The driver can quickly and easily switch between the three basic display styles, thanks to a button on the multifunction steering wheel.

Zero emission in the city: Arteon eHybrid

A new performance and efficiency oriented engine option is added to the new Arteon. With the plug-in hybrid drive system used for the first time in the Arteon product range, Arteon eHybrid enables travel experience with zero emissions in daily use, especially with its electric driving range.

The advantages of electric mobility stand out in the Arteon eHybrid. The plug-in hybrid drive system is adapted to cover distances of up to 50 km entirely on the electric motor. Therefore, if there is enough charge in the battery, the eHybrid model will zamThe moment it starts working in E-Mode. Arteon eHybid can be charged via city electricity, as well as being recharged with its internal combustion engine on long trips, and provides zero emission use when entering urban traffic thanks to its electric motor.

At speeds above 140 km / h, the electric motor supports the efficient TSI engine. The interaction between the electric motor and the TSI motor also increases both performance and efficiency. While the electrical energy in the new Arteon eHybrid can be used for purely electric driving, it is also used to increase performance. The electric propulsion system acts as an additional reinforcement unit, revealing its dynamics in the eHybrid mode. The 1.4 lt TSI engine produces 156 PS of power. The electric motor produces 115 PS of power. As a result of the two engines working together, an impressive 218 PS of system power is obtained. Lithium-ion batteries placed in front of the rear axle under the body energize the electric motor. The Arteon eHybrid has a 6-speed DSG transmission developed for use in hybrid cars at Volkswagen.

New TDI and TSI engine technologies

Arteon's other engine options include 3 different TSI and 2 different TDI technologies. The TSI engine, which will be offered with a manual gearbox in 1.5 lt volume, produces 150 PS power, while TSI engines with 2.0 lt volume are offered with 190 PS and 280 PS power options. TDI engines, which will be offered in 2.0 lt volume, have options that produce 150 PS and 200 PS power. High efficiency levels, low emissions and strong torque stand out in all engines.

New driving assistance systems

In the new Arteon, the semi-autonomous driving assistant "Travel Assist" system, which allows driving up to 210 km / h, is used for the first time. “Travel Assist” makes driving safer and more comfortable, especially on a route with heavy city traffic and road works. The intuitive Adaptive Cruise Control “Predictive ACC” stands out as one of the integral parts of Travel Assist. Adaptive Cruise Control helps the car to adapt quickly to speed limits, corners and junctions with speed adaptation. In addition, Lane Tracking Assistant “Lane Assist”, Front Zone Assistant with pedestrian detection feature, “Front Assist” draws attention as other components of the semi-autonomous driving assistant “Travel Assist”.

New Arteom's, 218 new 1.4 liter TSI petrol engine with ehybrid fastback version of the owner to offer a combination of performance and efficiency, and 2021 Psi power-producing plug-in hybrid technology is scheduled to be in the second half of the Turkey route.

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