Korkut Air Defense System Deployed to Libya

Turkey and the United Nations (UN) by the Government of National Reconciliation recognized as the legitimate government in Libya (UMH) was seen KORKUT Low Altitude Air Defense System deployed in the region under the control of power.

In January 2020, along with the resolution to deploy troops to Libya at the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the Korkut system was deployed to the region in order to meet the low altitude air defense requirement of the strategic points of the capital Tripoli axis. Based on the images shared on January 17, 2020, there were rumors about the existence of the Korkut air defense system in Libya. The last reflected satellite images prove this.

After UMH forces gained control at Watya Ava Base, southwest of the capital Tripoli, on May 18, 2020, the regions where the putschist Hafter forces existed in Tripoli for more than a year, came under UMH control again. As of June 1, 11, UMH forces are preparing to make progress in the city of Sirte and El-Cufra airbase axes.

KORKUT Self Propelled Barrel Low Altitude Air Defense Weapon System

The KORKUT System is an air defense system developed with the aim of effectively performing the air defense of the mechanized units and the mobile units. The KORKUT System will serve as teams consisting of 3 Weapon System Vehicles (SSA) and 1 Command Control Vehicle (KKA). KORKUT-SSA has the ability to throw 35 mm Particle Ammunition developed by ASELSAN. Particle Ammunition; It allows 35 mm air defense cannons to perform their duties effectively against current air targets such as air to ground missiles, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Source: defenceturk

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