Jeep Award Winner Found

jeep bounty found its owner
jeep bounty found its owner

I Eminev serving with interest-free Concurrence System in Turkey, held its last draw of the award-winning Jeep campaign that began in September recommended. In the lottery held in the presence of a notary public and more than 40 gifts were distributed, the Jeep award was also found.

Eminevim's Jeep Gift campaign, which was launched in order to reward those who recommend the Interest-free Cooperation System, was held in Istanbul. More than 14 awards were distributed in the big raffle organized by coronavirus measures and followed by online connections of nearly 40 thousand people who were entitled to draw. Erdogan Dinç from Çorum was the winner of the highly anticipated Jeep award in the raffle, which also includes a Jeep Renegade, and Honda motor, Apple iPhone, Samsung 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv, Playstation, Apple Ipad and many more. Emin Group Chairman A. Sefa Üstün, who made the opening speech of the ceremony held before the notary public and the National Lottery officials, congratulated the winners who received the award and shared his happiness for being able to give them this joy as Eminevim.

System of a financial model of cooperation, sharing conferred to Turkey

Speaking at the ceremony, which was followed by the participants, Emin Group Chairman A. Sefa Üstün also shared important information about the success of the Cooperation System in the residential and automotive sectors. Stating that they had a good year despite the pandemic, Üstün stated that they made more than 10 thousand deliveries with the Collaboration System in this period and said: “The Collaboration System, which is a financial model that everyone can benefit from and shared, was one of the sectors that felt the least impact of the pandemic we experienced in 2020. This period, the foundations of which were founded by our founder deceased A. Emin Üstün and celebrating our 30th anniversary today, was a period in which we continued our investments and continued our deliveries without slowing down. We managed to increase our deliveries by about 10%, with more than 10 thousand deliveries compared to last year. ”

Interest-free home and vehicle purchase increased by 27% in pandemic

Evaluating the first 6 months of the year, A. Sefa Üstün said, “Our people preferred the interest-free cooperation system they trusted during the pandemic process, and the number of people who wanted to benefit from the system increased during this pandemic period. In the first 6 months of the year, the number of people who preferred Eminevim to own a house and car increased by 27% compared to the same period of the previous year. Again we offered about 1.2 billion will contribute to Turkey's economy with delivery we did in the same period. We aim to carry these achievements to the second half of the year. ” found in the description.

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