Air and Navy Delivered Joint Offshore Training in the Mediterranean

by distance from the operation command center in Turkey to try and improve the continuous execution of the operational tasks in order of 11 June 2020 Air Force and Navy with the participation of elements of "Open Water Education" was held. Offshore Education was planned jointly and successfully performed.

The 17 aircraft participating in the activity performed their duties under the command of the Combat Air Force Center (BHHM) affiliated to the Commander Air Force Command located in Eskişehir, and the operations command of the Naval Forces Command and the Tactical Command of the Northern Mission Group Command.

The sea elements participating in the Open Sea Training took their places in different regions of the Mediterranean before the exercise.

Command and control methods have been tried within the scope of the 1050-hour mission that takes place along the route of approximately 2000 NM (8 km) since our land waters; air refueling, sea-air joint training and air and sea official transfer trainings were conducted.

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