How is the Gaziray Commuter Line?

TCDD Deputy General Manager Metin Akbaş and his accompanying delegation made observations on the route of Gaziray Project, which was carried out in partnership with TCDD and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in partnership with the executed Gaziray project examining the route Akbas, Gaziantep to in traffic that will contribute positively Gaziray that the project is in the very important progress achieved, with project manufacturing said that many art structure is complete. Gaziray, which will serve as electrical and signaled, will bring comfort and comfort to the people of Gaziantep with its contributions to urban transportation. He said that we are working day and night to be completed and put into service as soon as possible.

Visiting Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül after the examinations, Akbaş Deputy General Manager gave information about the high speed train projects continuing between Adana and Gaziantep and the Gaziray project.

Governor Davut Gül stated that very important projects for the region have been successfully carried out by TCDD and that these projects are high value-added projects. zamHe wished to be completed at the time.

Visiting the Metropolitan Municipality as part of his contacts in Gaziantep, Deputy General Manager Metin Akbaş met with Secretary General Sezer Cihan and evaluated the joint use of the Gaziray warehouse around the suburban stops completed under the Gaziray project. Meeting with Gaziantep Water and Sewerage Administration General Manager (GASKİ) Hüseyin Sönmezler, Akbaş exchanged views on the effects of 4800-meter tunnel construction under the project on GASKİ infrastructure and the measures to be taken.

Map of Gaziray

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