'Suspended Izmir Card' Started for Students


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality adds another way to the solidarity it initiated in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. With the “Suspended İzmirim Card” application, benevolent İzmir residents will be able to load the cards of students who need support.

As the world-shaking coronavirus epidemic in many countries also socio-cultural and economic life in Turkey was largely negative effects. In this challenging process, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which did not leave the needy alone, signed many solidarity campaigns from cash aid to food, from free transportation to suspended invoices, and was the bridge between philanthropists and those in need; added another way to its solidarity, launched the “Suspended İzmirim Card” application.

This application for students is also I www.bizizmir.co will work through. Students who need to be supported will enter the application form they want to be loaded with their ID and Izmirim Card information. Izmir residents who want to help will be able to load the suspended cards as much as possible. The same card will not be loaded more than once a month.

Call from President Soyer

Emphasizing that they do not receive direct cash assistance in any campaign, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “From the beginning, 'The hand will not see the hand that gives. We are, 'we said; we did so The biggest share in the solidarity of Izmir solidarity is our fellow citizens who exhibit this culture in the strongest way ”. Stating that the implementation of the Suspended İzmirim Card will also provide a very important social benefit and will continue after the epidemic period, President Soyer called the Izmir residents as follows: “My dear fellow countrymen; As a city that revives the culture of 'solidarity', which is indispensable in Anatolia; now we will hold it by our students. With our Suspended İzmirim Card application, you can load the Izmirim Cards of our young people with limited opportunities and provide them with public transportation support. Take action to provide freedom of movement for the youth of our youth city Izmir. ”

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