Arifiye YHT Expedition Hours Announced

The hours that the High Speed ​​Train, which will start on June 8, will stop in Arifiye has been announced.

The High Speed ​​Train, which suspended its flights within the scope of corona virus measures, started to work again between Ankara and Istanbul as of May 28, and 8 intermediate stations, including Izmit, were deactivated.

Yesterday, AK Party Sakarya Deputy Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek gave the good news that YHT will stop at the Arifiye station as a result of his meeting with the General Director of TCDD and the Minister of Transport.


High Speed ​​Train services between Ankara-Istanbul and Istanbul-Ankara will be held for 4 mutually.

In the coming days, the number of trips will be increased in accordance with the demand and preference.

YHT, which will depart from Ankara at 07.00 and go to Istanbul, will stop at 09.51 at Arifiye Station. The second flight departing from Ankara at 17.00:19 in the evening will stop at 54:XNUMX at Arifiye Station.

YHT Arifiye, who will leave Istanbul from 08.10 in the morning and go to Ankara, will stop at 10:46. YHT Gebze, which will depart from Istanbul at 16.40 in the afternoon, will stop at 19.15 in Gebze.

Source: Medyabar

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