DELIVERY Delivery to the General Directorate of Security

With the participation of Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, the New Generation Criminal Investigation Tool "Kıraç" was introduced today with a ceremony. The Turkish Police Service, which always renews itself day by day with modern technology and has the highest technological innovations, continues its determination without compromising crime and crime without compromising, and is on the way to be stronger by adding a new technology to it.

To the introduction ceremony program; Minister of the Interior Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Defense Industry President Mr. İsmail Demir, Deputy Minister of Interior Mr. Muhterem İnce, Chief of Police Mr. Mehmet Aktaş, Ankara Governor Mr. Vasip Şahin, Katmerciler Chairman of the Board Mr. İsmail Katmerci, Deputy Chiefs of Security, Presidents and Heads of Departments , Criminal Department Head Mr. Ogün Vural, Defense Industry Vice-Presidents and Heads of Departments, Ankara Provincial Police Chief Mr. Servet Yılmaz, Gölbaşı District Governor Mr. Tülay Baydar Bilgehan, Gölbaşı Mayor Mr. Ramazan Şimşek, Katmerciler A.Ş. senior managers attended.

“New Generation Criminal Investigation Tool” Kıraçlar has been equipped with technological innovations that will provide the Police Department with 24-hour uninterrupted working in any climate. Kıraç's, which will enable our Criminal Review units to perform their duties more effectively and efficiently, increases the diversity in terms of the quality of equipment and systems needed to prevent diverse crime types with the advancement of technology and to clarify crime.

The presentation ceremony started with the honor of the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, his silence and the presentation of the promotional film following the National Anthem.

Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of the Interior, said to his speech: “Our very precious Minister, our very precious President of the Defense Industry, our very precious Security General Manager who shared this excitement with us, and our very respectable Governor of Ankara, our valuable general managers, our deputy general managers, Our Police Criminal Department, which has hosted us with a beautiful host, is one of the secret heroes of crime fighting, but is a critical task in combating crime with a high technology that we really need to be proud of. I would like to start my words by expressing my pleasure to come together with you on the occasion of valuable investment and valuable staff and valuable colleagues, valuable press members, important investment and development. and respectfully I greet you. ” He started his speeches using expressions.

First of all, for this beautiful picture, especially our General Directorate of Security, for this beautiful result that technology touches human life and development touches human life, and our Defense Industry Presidency, which provides us with important support and contributions, and our Defense Industry Presidency, which takes very strong steps for the peace, security and trust of Turkey and the development of technology, I would like to thank our Criminal Department and our very valuable contractor in the presence of all of you.” Continuing his words with his statements, Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu said, “When we took office as the Minister of Interior in 2016, our friends told me that zamThey talked about a concept called 'Lighting Ratio', which I am not very familiar with, but which I follow every day today. In fact, it is one of the most important concepts of the relationship of trust and trust between the state and the citizen. The absence of any crime is our basic expectation and goal. But even after the crime has been committed, it is our main responsibility to find the criminal and bring the criminal to justice and bring him to the law. It is our responsibility not to leave the matter in dark halls, but to bring it to justice with all the possibilities and abilities. In the first 2016 months of 5, the Lighting Rate is 30.1%. However, the tools you have just seen on this matter, God bless you, the endless support and instructions of our President on this matter, together with the results brought by the professional experience and appetite of our friends, I have to say that it has reached the level of 50.2%. This is an important figure. In other words, when our citizens encounter crime, the state's ability to solve it has increased from 4% to over 30% in almost the last 50 years. Even the 1% figure in developed countries in Europe causes those organizations to be praised and presented as a great success. That's why this point that Turkey has reached, this point where the national rate of our defense industry has reached from 20% to 70% is a source of pride for all of us.” made statements.

“Thanks to our deep-rooted and long-established institutions such as the Gendarmerie, the Police, the Coast Guard, and the Turkish Armed Forces, we have achieved success, even above the developed world standards, in managing all these threats to our country. In addition to their public order responsibilities, our law enforcement units are affiliated with more than one global terrorist organization. zamstruggles instantly. He chases terrorists at an altitude of 3000 meters in the heart of the city. He fights against poison dealers on the drug routes from east to west, west to east, and catches them at sea and on land. Digital technologies develop, cyber crimes occur. Turkish Police and Gendarmerie specialize in cyber crimes. No matter what anyone says, this country is successfully managing all security risks today under the leadership of our esteemed President and is not helpless in the face of any threat. It is neither helpless in the face of threats, nor panics, nor builds walls, nor does it break the understanding of freedom and security against freedom, against the law, as the West does. This is an achievement and any conscientious person appreciates it if you ask me. Of course, this success is not a self-made success. Behind this, both the increasing power of the state, the development move that has been put forward since the beginning of the 21st century, and a strong leadership that reads the century correctly and determines its goals correctly. As a result of this leadership, our new strategic approach and new security concept, which was put forward in security, especially after July 15, is the basic roadmap of this success.” Minister of Interior, Mr. Süleyman Soylu, who emphasized that “The first zameverything was normal. But what zamThe current watchmen began to have an impact on the public order figures. What zamthefts have fallen. And the citizens began to express their dissatisfaction with this situation. The social contract based on 24-hour trust between the state and the nation reached its highest point. That's it zamThe moment someone pressed the button. A systematic campaign of attrition and discredit has begun against our guards. So many sad words were spoken. Even a militia was told to a law enforcement unit of the state, our guard, our children. They started with their salary first. Then they proceeded with the authorization to ask for identification and carry weapons.

They tried to implement the same strategy, especially over our Police, who worked devotedly during the epidemic, and also over our Gendarmerie. I want to state this clearly. There is neither an expansion of authority, a change in status, a new application, nor any inadequacy or defect in our police force, as someone has claimed, in the watchkeeping establishment. Çarşı and Neighborhood Guards are law enforcement units that assist the Police and Gendarmerie. It has been like this for a long time. This is how it is today. It has predominantly preventive powers. It also has some judicial powers such as using force, using weapons, confiscating crime, polling and keeping it in order to assist the police. It has drawn the law along with its framework. Is there a law of guarding? It has existed since 1914. There is the 1914 founding law. It has the law numbered 1966, which I just said in 772. Do the guards have the right to stop and ask for identification? It has been around since 1966. Does it have the right to use weapons and the right to use force? It has existed since 1966. I just mentioned what is in the latest regulation passed by the parliament. There is only the adaptation of the old regulation to today's conditions. The definitions of the organization are the same as where they can be assigned, how and in what framework they will work depending on which institution, what the limits of their judicial and preventive powers are. zamAt the moment, there is a full and clear expression of the transfer of powers defined by some regulations into laws.” said.

Concluding his speech, Minister of the Interior Mr. Süleyman Soylu said, “We have a clear word to our President. The night and day of this country will be in peace for 24 hours. Not only in our region is the world's most peaceful country Turkey. It will be the most peaceful hometown. It will be an example to the world as its most peaceful hometown. We call out to the whole world from here. Turkey and our country can not cope with this nation is one and can not cope. " His speech ended with his statements.

Mr. Mehmet Aktaş, the General Manager of Police, started his speech by saying: "We welcome you to the promotion ceremony of our" Next Generation Criminal Investigation Tool ", which was built and designed with local and national facilities, and joined the organization," I welcome you with respect ".

"The basic principle in reaching material truth in crime investigation and prosecution in countries where all universal legal norms are applied is the principle of" reaching the accused from evidence. " Mr. Mehmet Aktaş, the General Director of Police, who continued his words using the expressions, said, “The process of the investigation of the crime scene by scientific personnel, the detection of the findings, collection and documentation by the expert staff, the process of capturing and delivering the criminals to justice by establishing a dynamic link between crime, perpetrator and space. It is connected with the correct crime scene investigation. In this context, it is the basic principle of our organization to provide services in line with international standards and quality, in accordance with the contemporary law understanding and respect for human rights. With the advancement of technology, the types of crime also varied. In addition, the quality and variety of equipment and systems needed by our on-site investigation units have increased. ” He continued his words.

Our Crime Department and its affiliated units, which are appreciated by the Crime Scene Investigation Units, Criminal District Police Laboratories and Bomb Disposal Investigation Units within the country and abroad, are able to fulfill their duties more effectively. is leading the project. ” Mr. Mehmet Aktaş, the General Manager of Police, who continued his speech with his statements, said, “The New Generation Criminal Investigation Tool”, which is carried out by our ministry and the Defense Industry Presidency and we are promoting today, is the technological opportunity that will provide 24 hours of uninterrupted working in all kinds of climatic conditions. equipped with innovations. These tools will ensure that the tasks to be performed by our crime scene investigation units and disaster criminal investigation units that serve in the disaster zones, which constitute the starting link of the criminalization of crime, will be more effective and efficient. Our Criminal Department has increased the level of success of the personnel in the field of practice with the trainings organized in criminal, crime scene investigation and bomb branches in line with the instructions of our Minister. In line with the demands in the field of basic branch courses and development, trainings in the international training catalog for the personnel of the foreign country organization, the European Security and Cooperation Organization (OSCE), the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and the Security Cooperation Agreement (GIB) are also provided. 2019 domestic trainings were organized in a total of 3 specialties in 35, and a total of 724 personnel attended these trainings. In the same year, international training was organized for the personnel working in the Gambia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh Police departments. Our Criminal Department has become the center of international education by training 29 personnel working in 2 foreign countries Police Department from past years. ” he emphasized.

While continuing his speech, Mr. Mehmet Aktaş, Chief of Police, said, “I would like to express my respect and gratitude to all those who contributed to the Defense Industry Presidency and everyone who contributed within the scope of the project, especially our President and Dear Minister, who do not support our Kıraç vehicles, which are produced with local and national facilities. said.

Before ending his remarks, Mr. Mehmet Aktaş, the General Director of Police said, “While ending my speech, God's mercy for our saint martyrs who sacrificed their lives on this path while fighting heroically to ensure the peace and security of our cherished nation with the indivisible integrity of the homeland; I wish health and peaceful long lives to our veterans. We hope that our new vehicles, which will contribute to the strengthening of our organization as a part of the project, will be beneficial and auspicious; I respect you all. ” used expressions.

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