Holiday Bonus for Retirees What ZamPayable moment? Will the Eid al-Adha bonus increase?

As the Feast of Sacrifice approaches, millions of retirees are also investigating the payment date. It is also curious about the last minute news about the bonus payment dates before the Eid al-Adha, which comes on July 31 this year. Due to the epidemic, retirement bonuses were paid early on Eid al-Fitr. So what are the Eid al-Adha bonus payments that millions of retirees will receive? zamwill the moment be done? How much was the Eid al-Adha bonus? July zamAccording to me, can there be an increase in retirement bonuses?

The bonus of the Ramadan Feast in May was withdrawn early in the scope of the Economic Stability Shield package and was given in April. Eid al-Adha corresponds to the dates of July 31st-August 3rd. Accordingly, retirees will receive the second holiday bonus of this year between July 27-30, if there is no change in the payment schedule. Retirees will be paid a thousand lira, widows and orphans in proportion to their shares.

But retirees expect inflation or revaluation increase in bonuses. Inflation in 2019 was 11.84 percent. Accordingly, if the increase in bonuses is indexed to inflation, the amount to be paid to retirees will be 118 lira 40 kuruş, and if the revaluation increase comes, it will increase by 22.58 percent to 225 lira 80 kuruş.

Who Can Get Holiday Bonus?

Those who can benefit from retirement feast bonuses are as follows;

  • SSK, Bağ-Kur and retirement fund retirees
  • Martyrs' relatives and veterans
  • Death pensioners
  • Privates and soldiers who receive pension and military disability pension,
  • Temporary village guards
  • Honor pensioners
  • Champion athletes,
  • Korean, Cyprus and War of Independence veterans,
  • Civilians who are connected monthly due to damage from terrorism and the rights holders of those who lost their lives will be able to benefit from the festive bonus.

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