World's Longest Range BMW i3 in Turkey

World's Longest-Range IR BMW in Turkey
World's Longest-Range IR BMW in Turkey

Having managed to maintain its popularity since 2014, BMW i3 attracts attention with its innovations in the field of electric mobility.

Thanks to the new generation high voltage batteries of i3 (120 Ah), the battery cell capacity increases up to 120 amp hours, while daily use provides an average range of 260 kilometers, while this value can go up to 335 km depending on usage.

With a battery of twelve lithium-ion storage cells and eight modules each, the BMW i3 (120 Ah) offers drivers a 30% range increase over the previous generation.

BMW i8 (100.000 Ah), which has a 3-year and maximum battery warranty of 120 kilometers, enables easy repair and battery replacement at Borusan Otomotiv authorized services thanks to its modular design.

The BMW i3 (120 Ah), which comes with eDrive technology that once again reveals BMW's electric driving character, reaches a speed of 170 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds with its 7.3 horsepower electric motor.

Offering uninterrupted power from take-off, BMW eDrive technology maximizes comfort with quiet driving performance, while allowing for a more environmentally friendly ride with no emissions.

In addition, the vehicle, which can reach 40% full in 80 minutes with the charging process from the fast charging station, zamcharge in the moment zammakes it easier to use in the city with the memory

With the ChargeNow card, BMW i3 (120 Ah) owners, who can benefit from the common charging services provided by Eşarj, can additionally gain the right to use 100 TL free of charge.

Applicable to BMW i owners and charging zamThe BMW i Wallbox, which significantly reduces its momentum, continues to be installed free of charge at the location requested by the users.

Along with the standard charging cable, the blue charging cable, which enables the use of common charging stations, is offered as a gift to BMW enthusiasts who own the BMW i3 (120 Ah).

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